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Welcome to the web help Index for the KitCAD programs. Here you will find more information on KitCAD.

User Downloads for the KitCAD software.

Software Package Setup KitCAD Setup. Basic Help and Information about installing all of the required Packages.

KitCAD Rego. Help for entering rego and codekey information.

KitCAD 1.19KitCAD 1.19 Help. User Help on Object or Item creation is kept here in a web format.

KitCAD 1.19 General Help Index. information in a web format.

KitCAD 2KitCAD 2 Help Index. User Help on KitCAD 2 is kept here in a web format. Introduction and help to KitCAD 2 Beta exe win32 files that are found in the download

KitCAD 2 Configure Options. A web page index with setup help, and extra downloads.

TOC, Table of Contents:

KitCAD 1.x and KitCAD 2 quick setup

1). Basic Help and Information about installing all of the required Packages.

Faq. Removing prompt for Rego.
Faq. How to Draw using KitCAD 1.19.

Faq. KitCAD 2 beta build and updates.

2i. A web page that helps Administrators and Users configure options for KitCAD 2.
2n. Demo Library System for KitCAD 1.18, KitCAD 1.19, KitCAD 2.

KitCAD 1.x

a). KitCAD 1.x Index
00. Introduction to this help, comments, and foreword.
01. Installing Dcom95 and extra registry entries.
02. Command Line Switches. (Updated section, new information)
03. KitCAD environment and features. Using KitCAD.
04. The KitCAD header bar.
05. Opening Files / Opening, and Editing the KitCAD library system.
06. Closing Files.
07. Saving Files / Adding or removing objects and items to KitCAD.
08. Ordering, modifying, deleting, and adding Items on the plan view.
09. Object Editing, Editing Fixed Objects or Items. (New section, Not in original help files)
10. Printing Files. (Updated section, new information)
11. Exporting Data in a Table.
12. Office - MS Query - Advanced users help.
13. Graphical Rendering. (Updated section, new information)
14. Clients and networking features.
15. Product support.
16. Making Money
17. Kp1 Copyright/s, Privacy statement, and Disclaimer/s.

Faq. How to Draw using KitCAD 1.19. (Updated section, new information)
Faq. No Icons on Header, and fix. (Updated section, new information)

KitCAD 1.x General Information

b). General Information Index
rtf. Kitchen Pages, computer software - KitCAD.rtf 1.19.2(w97 format)
Help. Kitchen Pages, computer software - KitCAD.rtf 1.19.2(Win95 help file).
1a. Addon's for KitCAD 1.20 that are not included here.
1b. Disclaimer and your rights for the compiled software which was downloaded from our web sites.
1c. Software code and media License. Notice of Copyright, GNU, and Refer.
1c. How to get the KitCAD CD-Rom Software code, used under a License.
1d. Thankyou, and how you could help.

Advanced users information:

1e. Bug testing and program design information.

Other users information:

1f. Readme.txt file for advanced networking users.
1g. Unzip the DSN and SQL's for database links to others.
1h. Unzip the Registration Entries to enable KitCAD as a DCOM application.
1i. Unzip the Web Page Add-on to dislpay KitCAD rendered 3D previews in a web browser.

KitCAD 2

c). KitCAD 2 Help Index
2a. Kpsm.exe Main Menu System.
2b. Ruler.exe Allows users to Alter the sizes of KPD and DAT files for KitCAD.
2c. Rule.exe Formula or Settings for the KPR file are kept in KPI (KPD) files.
2d. CutUp.exe for Exporting Data to other file types.
2e. VolEditor.exe provides script support to Cutup.exe
2f. PlanDataPRO.exe Print or Modify data exported in DBF file types to other systems.
2g. Kpu.exe check for Updates to the KitCAD and Install files as needed.

2h. KitCAD2.exe Still under development.
2h1. C++ file information and re-build.
2h2. Active X information and addition to components.
2h3. KitCAD2 Work-arounds, and known Bugs, Testing and Planned Updates.
2h4. OpenGL Update for 3D rendering.
2h5. Examples of KPD->OpenGL maths conversions.

2i. A web page that helps Administrators and Users configure options for KitCAD 2.

2j. BDE, DBF file locations, Database Information, ODBC connections.
2k. File types that require setup and basic /information for KitCAD 2 Cutup.exe.
2l. File types data descriptions and basic help information for the KitCAD programs.
2m. Adding Icons to KPD file types for Desktop Icons.
2n. A Warning dialog may be displayed while running the exe files from Internet Browsers.

2p. Demo Library System for KitCAD 1.18, KitCAD 1.19, KitCAD 2.

Other Information

d). Advanced User and Administrator files, backup server, downloads, etc.
3a. KitCAD Object System Backups - Batch Backup
3b. Advanced Security check - MD5 Information
3c. KP Software Remover - Download.
3d. KitCAD 2 beta build and updates web page.
3e. KitCAD Object System - User Created library systems.
3f. milti Language Support and programmable user interfaces.
3g. Cost and Estimate reports using KP2 file types.
3h. Exporting KitCAD file types to other CAD and client file formats.
3i. KP.bpl and KP2GLU32.exe supporting user defined shape templates.
3j. Scada HMI example of job tracking with KitCAD2.
3k. Developer information and downloads.
3l. Web Browser Rendering information and downloads.
3m. KitCAD4 MIRC Script example for 2.27 or 2.25.
3n. KitCAD 2 KPA HTTPD example for 2.27 or 1.9

4a. KitCADi3 Web Page floorplan layout and kitchen design online.

5a. KitCAD2v5.exe 2.27 Application help.
5b. KitCAD2v5.exe 2.27 quick start Guide.

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