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File Types content Information for the KitCAD programs.

KitCAD file types conform to us-ascii Win32/16 application types. All information is kept in a user editable form like simple text, etc.

*.KP2 - KitCAD 2 File type:

KitCAD 2 file types are rated to about 400 objects per file. 30 objects with 10 items each will take aprox 1 second to load a rendered view. Each Object added or opened onto a plan view will - when saved - allow KitCAD to redraw the design at a later date with no affect to the original Object file.
The format for the example below is using 11 objects, the first being named [0] through to [11].
A full path name is required for the FILE tag. URI formats when used has no error dialog when the file does not exist.
[KitCAD2] Ini File Type Header Tag
Objects=11 Shows amount of KPD object files to load

[0] First object is 0, like [0] as the subgroup Header Tag to [11] in this example
name=AKGraphicControl1 AKGraphicControl is the component class name, enter a name that is not in use
Top=138 Displays from the top left corner at 138 pixels + 100 pixels = 238 pixels
Left=41 As above but from the left side at 41 pixels + 100 pixels = 141 pixels
File=C:\Program Files\Kitchen\Objects\BC2dI.kpd UNC or URI path to original KitCAD KPD/DAT Object file, \\host\drive\path\file.dat or drive\path\file.dat
Rotation=0 Rotation of the component on forms
Width=1000 Width of the component on forms, in metric
Depth=600 Depth of the component on forms, in metric
Height=903 Total Height of the component, in metric
HeightFrom=0 The components height from RL or 0, in metric
Repeats=1 Amount of Parts in cutup.exe for each visible object onscreen in KitCAD2, 1 for 1 part, 2 for 2, etc
xdTop=68 68 Pixels (rotation maths) + 238 Pixels (Top) = 306 Pixels to Start point of drawing
xdLeft=68 68 Pixels (rotation maths) + 141 Pixels (Top) = 219 Pixels to Start point of drawing

*.KPD and *.DAT - KitCAD 1.19 File type:

KitCAD 1.1x file types are Objects or Items, and is rated to about 128 objects or items per file - less using the EXT Objects file systems.
KitCAD 1.19, or 1.1x file types look like the example below. Some tags are added to existing KPD file types when a user opens/updates the file, and renders the files.
Each edition of KitCAD has some featurers to update files but is not designed to patch KP2 file types.
KPD and DAT files are identical - the only differance is the Object Editor for KitCAD 1.1x loads DAT file extensions and not KPD files. A type of backup system was created if users had to manualy copy the files, or another program like ruler.exe could be employed using a POLYMORPHIC SCRIPT for control.
[File] KitCAD 1.xx File type Header
Items=7 Shows 7 items are to be loaded from 1 to 7
1=KICKER1 First Item gets named here. Each name must be different to another
2=b cabinet2
7=bench top7 The top most Item should be placed last in most files

[KICKER1] Subgroup Header tag, must be the same as the name above
Extension=0 Refelects or makes a mirror image of the Item, used for corner units
Objects=1 Amount of other items attached to this item (used in early editons for basic link systems and 'mirror' tests)
RealWidth=1070 Real Width of the Item, in mm or metric size only
RealDepth=535 Real Depth of the Item, in metric only
RealHeight=150 Real Height of the Item, in metric only
RealHeightFrom=0 Real Height from RL or 0, in metric only
RealPosX=1020 Real world position from 0,0 - x being the top to the left of screen
RealPosY=1990 Real world position from 0,0 - y being the top to the bottom of screen
RealRotation=-90 Real world rotation from 0 to 628 (360)
Scale=30 Real world scale factor 30 - 60
Top=132 Amount of pixels from top to start Item, from RealPosY.. note the swap of x and y..
Left=68 Amount of pixels from left to start Item, from RealPosX
Width=71 Amount of pixels from start of Item to far Right or +640, etc
Depth=35 Amount of pixels from start of Item to top of screen, 0, -1, etc
Height=10 Amount of pixels from start of Item to top of Item and screen
HeightFrom=0 Amount of pixels from start of Item RL or 0 to the Item
FixX=0 Fixed objects add more to the X position as to rotate from 0,0
FixY=0 Fixed objects have a seperate rotation compaired to that of a non-fixed Item
Show=1 Shows the Item in Data Views, Plan View, Renderings, etc
Hide=0 Hides the Item in Renderings
Fixed=0 1 for true, or 0 for false. For Fixed-Items like doors, infills, etc
RotateBy=-158 Rotation of Item worked out using KitCAD 1.1x methods
Comments=kicker Y2K User Text, or comments
AddOns=KICKER Additional Tag, link file, template, or the Items' original name for KitCAD2, KitCAD1, etc
FillColour=16711680 16Bit colour of Shade or Fill of drawn Items
LineColour=16711680 As above, but controls Line Colour of drawn Items
BmpFile=C:\Program Files\Kitchen\Objects\Bitmaps\STD\KICKER.bmp Added for KitCAD2 - and speeds rendering by pre-locating graphic files

NOTE : KitCAD 1.19 and KitCAD 2 files can be combined, as is into one file. Providing the user has taken care to avoid item name clashes with each version. These combined files will be used in Web Editons, Ruler, and later in the development cycle.

Combined file types do not support the function of changes in KPD structurers for KP2 file types.

The syntax for the information above is:

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