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Configure guide for the KitCAD programs.

This web page helps current and new users configure options for BDE, BCB c++ and Developers Information, ASCII CNC exports, objects and items for KitCAD. This web page is designed to aid users with configuration of KitCAD file types and with adding the KitCAD Icon to KPD file types.

I can suggest using notepad.exe or similar to refine files used as the KitCAD interface is aquard at times and may produce un-expected results.

Some users may wish to see exporting KitCAD plan view images to other Open CAD formats while others may wish consider use of KitCAD2 for re-viewing or deploy of SCADA HMI systems used in job tracking - In both of these cases users may require some configeration issues to be resolved or noted.

User configerable shape templates are supported by KitCAD2 using KP.BPL and KP2GLU32.EXE with the KPT file extensions.

A warning dialog may be displayed while running the following links along with the intended exe file.

KitCAD CDRom cover [help]

Internet Installer - KitCAD2G*.zip file allows the download and install of parts for KitCAD software packages. See the quick start Guide for KitCAD2G*.zip as an example of use and alternative to using the Kpup.exe software manager.

Kpup.exe [help]

Setup KitCAD config files. Advanced users only

VolEditor.exe [help]

Setup materials and part sizes for export to other pre-processors. CNC users only, designers may skip this setup

Rule.exe [help]

Setup rules for the Ruler.exe helper application and dynamic object sizes. Administrator setup tool for dynamic objects and items.

Ruler.exe [help]

Dynamic Resize of KPD and DAT file objects and items for use in new files. Designer aid.

Editor.exe [help]

Add or Remove objects and items from the KitCAD library system. See below..

Other Objects and Items for download

Add more KPD DAT objects and items for the KitCAD library system. More objects for designers, users, and administrators. Includes download named (not included in current downloads) to allow users an option of creating default and User Library Systems for KitCAD1.x which are based on KPR (ruler.exe) file types from KitCAD2.

To configure KitCAD1.x and KitCAD2 library systems see the following information on wizard program interfaces and installing KitCAD for use.

uft-8 programmable interfaces supported

multi language support

KitCAD2v5.exe, KitCAD2.exe, Render.exe, and Cutup.exe support user configerable interfaces.

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