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Converting KitCAD file formats:

The information on this web page ranges from Image conversions to users converting from KitCAD file formats of KP2 or KPD into other reconized file formats.

The instructions found below for the BMP2EMF converter can be applied to all converters found from links on this page, or others like 3D VRML, X3D, etc found below.

Download links for converters are listed below.

An example bmp2emf.exe; Converter Use:

Drag and drop BMP file extensions onto the bmp2emf.exe, or a KitCAD converter.

Most converter programs support the Command line interface with the following example:

Select the START button, and then the RUN option and enter the following:
C:\Windows\Desktop\bmp2emf.exe "C:\Windows\Desktop\afilename.bmp" /Q


Converters are supplied to allow KitCAD to interface with other software, create 3D, reports, etc.
See included readme files for more updated information on each converters use.

To create a windows shortcut in the Send To folder, or create a folder link see Windows Desktop Icons help.

Other File Export methods:

KitCAD KPD and KitCAD2 KP2 file types:

CNC text, IOF/ISO text, tab separated text, and DXF text conversion are supported with CutUp.exe.
OBDC exporting is supported with the BDE to include SQL, DBF, QRT, DGY, RPT, WLL, or even other types of nested support.
SEPARATED TEXT exporting Examples are supported with qiq2kp2.exe, and Cutup.exe (Cutup.exe is installed with KitCAD).
KPD to BMP exporting is supported with kpd2bmp.exe found in the C:\Program Files\Kitchen\Objects\Bitmaps\ subdirectory.
BMP to EMF/WMF exporting is supported with bmp2emf.exe converter.

KitCAD2 KP2 file types:

limited KP2 to WRL exporting is supported with kp2vrml97.exe for VRML97 3D or X3DV 3D conversions.
limited KP2 to SVG exporting is supported with kp2svg.exe for SVG web browser 2D conversions.
limited KP2 to XML exporting is supported with kp2xml.exe for KitCAD2 file types.
limited KP2 to XML/RSS exporting is supported with kp2xml.ini for kp2xml.exe above.
limited XML/RSS to HTM exporting to HTML is supported with kprss2html.exe conversions.
limited XML/RSS to KP2 importing to KitCAD2 is supported with rss2kp2.exe conversions.
limited KP2 to KPD exporting is supported with kp2kpd.exe for KitCAD1 conversions.
limited KP2 to DXF exporting is supported with kp2dxf.exe for KitCAD2 file types.
limited KP2 to DFM exporting is supported with kp2dfm.exe for KitCAD2 BCB C++ IDE conversions.
limited KP2 to HTML exporting is supported with kp2html.exe for DHTML CSS web browser conversions.
limited BMP to JPEG exporting is supported with bmp2jpg.exe for HTML web browser conversions.
limited HTML to KP2 exporting is supported with KitCADi3 for DHTML CSS web browser conversions.
limited KP2 to TAB text exporting is supported with qiq2kp2.exe for KitCAD2 file type merge with QIL text.
limited KP2 to HMF text exporting is supported with kp2hmf.exe for KitCAD2 file type conversion to HOOPS meta text.
limited KP2 write to text U3D* exporting is NOT supported; Suggest converting KP2->HOOPS->U3D, KP2->HOOPS->DXF->U3D, etc... see Note below

An additional win32 properties dialog named DPC is provided as an extra download named kp2dp.exe for KitCAD2 users in linking with cutup.exe, quote.exe, and VCF files.

* NOTE : Comments only that may not be all 100% correct - I am just not happy with U3D marketing, and as such will be altered or deleted in coming months/years

Other related information to KitCAD2(KP2) and KitCAD(KPD) file types:

KitCAD2 supports user generated Shapes using KP.bpl, please see Shapes.html for more information.
For information in relation to KPD and KP2 file types, please see Contents, and discription of file data.

Other known operating systems:

KitCAD1 was designed to work with the MS Windows Operating system using NetBios paths, Universal Name Conversion UNC, or in the case of KitCAD2 both URI and IP addresses using very basic HTTP server's or other inbuilt/shell operating systems.

The operating systems that are not directly supported by KitCAD or Kitchen Pages are listed below.

These systems as discribed below will require additional 3rd party softwares to process data which is not provided by KitCAD, nor Kitchen Pages. The following information is provided for various users as follows:

As a solution KitCAD i3 allows users with the following operating systems, along with a web browser to create new drawings for KitCAD2.exe users: Linux kernel - 2.2.14 with the following libraries or packages minimums:
* Mozilla Firefox (web browser)

Mac's with either IExplorer 5.5, Netscape 7.0:
* Mac OS X 9.x.x and later

See the JavaScript version of KitCAD2 Kp.Bpl for use in KitCADi3. And more information at

Support of DOS and Windows for WinXP, Linux, and Mac users

Advanced users may wish to install various DOS and Windows versions on various operating systems.
See the following sites for more information:

Kitchen, Cabinet, Cupboard - Software Conversion Table

Conversion Table - Short description of conversion formats used by several 3rd party software applications and the KitCAD software programs.

Please note: Hyperlinks above may not be current - or may of changed, and are as-is for historic reference

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