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Borland BCB Database Desktop, ODBC connections.

The KitCAD 1.18, and KitCAD 2.25 installers will correctly setup the BDE for KitCAD.
More information can be found in the help files as it is needed.

Some errors have been found when users attempt to install to other drives like D:\ for an example.
The DNS files must be located in your C:\program files\common files\odbc\data sources\ or simmilar.

Installing an older edition of the BDE will result in an error dialog being shown when databases are accessed by the BDE.
This is not an error, but I would suggest selecting OK if prompted. Update your BDE install as needed.

Idapi32.cfg must be pre-loaded by the BDE for KitCAD to function corectly. If this file is mis-configured or not found then some un-expected errors will result.
This file stores the alias and database locations for the BDE to interface with tables, etc. Please ensure it is correctly loaded or migrated into the BDE as needed. Or Config BDE as follows:

A dialog is shown when using databases with the following message An error occurred while attempting to initialize the Borland Database Engine (error $2109)
- Fix by ReInstall BDE using KitCAD install file 1, 1.18 or 2.25 - then reload ALL current releases.

KitCAD Referance:

Empty current KitCAD Database files. - Help on local Databases.

Setting up Databases. - Help on setup.

Database Information. - Help on local Databases.

Working on Database. - Help on Editing Database.

Exporting Database via SQL. - Help on local SQL's for Data.

Exporting Database via Software. - Help on other types of applications for Data.

Exporting Database via MSAccess. - An example use of WordBasic for MSaccess compatable applications.

Exporting Database via Crystal Reports. - An example use of RPT for Crystal Report enabled applications.

Localy stored Referance:

Borland Database Engine - Administrator Database Setup Application, Copyright Inprise Corp. 1991-1998.

bde32.hlp - Help for BDE users.

bdeadmin.hlp - Administrator Help for BDE.

localsql.hlp - Help on local SQL's.

Extra Online Referance:

Interbase - Help on external SQL's and OBDC.

FireBird SQL - Help on local and external SQL's via browser clients.

EnterpriseDB - Help on local and external SQL's via application interface.

OpenOffice - Help on local and external Document types via application interface.

See the KitCAD Configure web page for more information.

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