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Setup help, contents:

0. Webpage KitCAD 2.27 install quick start guide
1. KitCAD Setup Basic Help and Information
2. Winzip Instructions, ZIP with SETUP files
2. ZIP with NO SETUP files
3. EXE and UPDATE file instructions
4. Uninstall, deleting, or removing KitCAD installs
5. OBDC/BDE Database management systems
6. Borland Database Engine
7. DCom networked systems
8. 3D and 2D rendering systems

Use the above links for a quick quide to downloading and installing parts of KitCAD. Please also see instructions provided by file archive managers, etc.

Webpage KitCAD 2.27 install guide for novice and advanced users.

See the 2010 re-release KitCAD InstallAware Setup instructions when running setup for the first time.

After running the Setup for the first time; See the KitCAD maintenance wizard instructions for installing required features.

KitCAD Setup Basic Help and Information.

compression file manager
After downloading any of the previous KitCAD 2.2# or current release zip files, you will need a program called Winzip to run the setup installer.
The Winzip software can be downloaded at WinZip, or another archive decompression utility that supports zip file formats like PkZip Reader, WinRar, ZipItFree, 7-Zip, Comprexx, and many more.

By default new versions of various Windows operating systems may come pre-configured too allow users the ability to open ZIP files for viewing through using explorer.exe (see the MS tweak or plus pack addons for more information)

Note: and other ZIP archives may fail to operate correctly when using a built in Windows Archive file viewer. Please use a recomended ZIP Archive Manager instead (listed above).

Winzip Instructions, ZIP with SETUP files

Please consult online help for zip manager software, below is a guide only

A Setup or Install Icon is displayed on Winzip extractor toolbar

To run each setup, double click on the zip file downloaded. You will be prompted with a screen similar to the one above. Press the Install icon at the top tool bar of Winzip to start the Install-Shield program and complete the installations as required. Currently you will need to run this type of setup for the main downloads of the KitCAD program package.

After running each of the Install or setup.exe programs from the zip files supplied - In this example being or, you will be returned to Winzip where you may exit and reboot if your system needs to restart.

NOTE : Do Not restart if you are prompted to restart below in the Install or setup.exe below. Instead please wait until the entire installation has been done. Then reboot if needed.

Install-Shield program setup is displayed - run from zip install button above

setup prompts
In the image above, the Install-Shield program setup starts with a user prompt for action, simply follow the prompts and allow the setup program to run. After finishing the Install-Shield program setup return to the zip interface, and exit.

ZIP with NO SETUP files

Setup Install Icon is NOT displayed - for patch updates, etc

Some zip files do not have install methods for the file data they contain. Instead users must manualy extract the files to a location before use.
Open the Zip file named where a window is shown, selecting the extract files icon shows a screen like the following:


To access the ZIP file extension please see Setup Basic Help and Information for a short list of ZIP file applications

EXE and UPDATE file instructions

NOTE : Zip file types can be exported as EXE file types by some compression file managers, where a Drive letter or file path is pre-entered, allowing users to press the Extract Button or Unzip Button; as in the example below:
EXE extract to a location prompt; USED WHEN NO INSTALL ICON IS PRESENT ON ZIP TOOLBAR (Click on image to view)
Some EXE zip files are exported as downloads for KitCAD but are mainly not supported for wide-area distrabutions; The main patch KPU.exe downloads for KitCAD2 will be an exe zip compression file type while the website users are requested to download zip compression files by default.

The EXE versions of zip files are correctly installed using the UNZIP button. The UnZip button will install files to their correct locations on the drive required - Default of "C:\"

Pressing The RUN button will result in a prompt shown asking the user to supply the correct winzip version - In this case Winzip95 (no longer provided by winzip).

OBDC/BDE Database management systems

ODBC configure for advanced users
In the Windows Control Panel you will note there is a new Icon - BDE Administrator. The BDE allows the systems administrator to configure drivers for the ODBC to use in generating database applications. The ODBC Data Sources (32bit) Icon is the Microsoft Windows edition of an Editor for configure of drivers for the ODBC.

These programs should be only altered by the systems administrator as they have affects system wide or over networks.

NOTE: The KitCAD Install-Shield program does attempt setup of the DNS file required for ODBC, the setup of the DNS can be done using the originl files supplied in the c:\program files\kitchen\kitcad\files subdirectory or by editing the pre-installed ODBC files to the required setup.

Borland Database Engine for databases
The BDE Administrator allows users to set the path and driver type of the KitCAD databases. There isn't much else to explain here, basically this interface sets the DSN files as needed with path and database information. The path can also be set to networked locations as needed.

Microsoft ODBC for databases
The Microsoft ODBC editor allows the systems administrator to set more advanced options. The DSN file for KitCAD is called KitCAD 1.20.dsn and can be edited from this editor much the same as the BDE above. Please note the tab to display in the ODBC is the File DSN tab.

DCom systems

The Microsoft DCom system allows the systems Administrator to set the running of KitCAD on specific networked DCom compliant systems.
Network Administrators with 95 and some 98 users may need to install either dcom98.exe or dcom95.exe, and dcm95cfg.exe to configure DCom registry setting options on user machines.

3D and 2D rendering systems

Other setup options

By default KitCAD.exe and KitCAD2.exe have a native line drawing system for rendering 3D. This line system is also capable of solid colours with a 8bit texture pattern.
However the native line drawing system is disabled in preferance of solid colour OpenGL rendering system (described below). No extra setup is required for native line renderings.


The required Driver files are installed as a part of Internet Explorer 4 or above; with, and Video cards also install these files as part of a windows update.

These OpenGL software drivers allow kp2glu32.exe or render.exe users to display a solid colour 3D rendering of plan drawings.

For a Photo Realistic 3D Rendering system, an extra setup is required for KitCAD2

Please see Rendering 2D or 3D content with Other applications for information about KitCAD2 rendering options which are not included in main download or update.

Un-Install Instructions, or pre-setup for Updated files

To remove a KitCAD install use Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel of the Win Start Bar Button.

The 2010 re-release of KitCAD 2.27 (with KitCAD 1, KitCAD 2v5, and KitCAD i3) can be installed and un-installed by using the KitCAD InstallAware Setup instructions.

Note: A dialog is shown when attempting to un-install or remove KitCAD 2.2# to KitCAD 2v5 which was installed before 2010, see below;

As a work-around for any un-installer missing files; download the file and run the setup program. Then Un-install any patch or Upgrade - first. Again, Re-run the setup program. Then remove the KitCAD install (KitCAD2F) - last.

Some extracted ZIP files contain no installer or remove method, and in such cases the extracted files should simply be manualy deleted (By default programs and KitCAD folders can be located using START|RUN|C:\Program Files\Kitchen\)

An out-of-date MSDos (9x/Nt4 only) batch remover for KitCAD/KP 2007 software releases on a users computer is located at for advanced system administrators only.

For a changes, bug fixing, etc

Users are encouraged to setup files to suit their own needs, a basic example is provided named BC2DI for all KitCAD programs.

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