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KitCAD Setup Guide (Zip)

The Suggested Instructions below give a short guide to installing software and programs from ZIP archived 2010 re-releases of KitCAD computer software packages.
It is recomended that any previous versions of and updates be removed before installing.

Support for common error or installer messages can be located by pressing the f3 key for searching this page, and entering text from the message into the webpage find search bar.

The instruction text is designed with the starting Step being at top of page, seperated by horizintal line which is followed by other Steps until the end of page is reached. All required end-user action is defined with the bold type face, and an instruction; that may be also be followed by a short description of what-may-occur, or other advise related to the instruction.

Click one of the links below to show detailed instructions for each Operating System listed, below * :-

Installing KitCAD - using MSI for Windows on the :-

Select a version of Windows from the links above

Technical Detail, and Error support

The following list of Run-Time Requirements must be present in order to offer error free operation from the KitCAD software package.

The minimum Windows Operating System configuration is :- The required path environment configuration is as follows :- The optional non-required software is as follows :- Installer access or key errors, and the work-around :- KitCAD InstallAware Setup prompts to retry download :- Using the correct version of Installer for your system :- KitCAD InstallAware Setup for 32Bit and 64Bit Operating Systems :- KitCAD InstallAware Setup with User Account Control (UAC) :- KitCAD i3 KGC TEST Support for Standard User Account Control (UAC) :- HLP and CHM help file support :- Notice, more information about last-minute changes, or Installer notes :-

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* DENOTES/Disclaimer : Connection/data use costs; PC Administration, Software maintenance, connection times, and fees charged by service providers may be incurred.
This is only a guide for use - talk with your administrator first, and before attempting to alter settings or install any software. See official product Disclaimer, copyright, and license before any use.