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Help and Information about the KitCAD2v5.exe program.

KitCAD 2v5 KitCAD2v5.exe,, (multi Language),

The name of '2.27 v5' contains the previous software version of KitCAD2.exe Version 2.26 with updates. Within the updated KitCAD2.exe is the KGraphicControl component with a Version of 2.2#. Hence the name of KitCAD Version 2.27 v5 (2005 release).

Users of KitCAD2v5 are required to install additional downloads for 3D and 2D functions. See 3D/2D addons for detailed information about 2D and 3D viewer use. The quick start Guide contains information about installing KitCAD add-ons that allow for the export of KitCAD data into a selected format.

KitCAD Version 2.27 v5

KitCAD 2.27 (Default SKiN shown):


KitCAD Version 2.27 v5 is designed with 27 Events ontop and including some of KitCAD 2.26, some of which are programmable to user selected file targets. The design is based on a Image, that contains parts. Each part is able to provide a pre-configured Event when selected with the pointing device.

Included Search and updating tools for object items are powered from the Internet or local computer.

The Events by default contain; 2 Internet web pages, 7 KitCAD2.26 functions, 5 KitCAD2.26 options, 8 external file targets, 2 internal functions, 2 size functions, and 1 close function.

The buttons of EDIT, DELETE, and DRAW are not enabled on the KitCAD 2.27 topbar.

Right Clicking on the KitCAD 2.27 topbar is supported with the display of a Pop-Up dialog containing functions and options; from window size to menu Events.

KitCAD2.27 library icons Library Icons; All Object Items, Base Object Items, Wall Object Items, Full Height Object Items, Appliance Object Items.
Library Icons change the drop-down list which provides file names for the Draw function, allowing up to 5 different lists. By default only One list is shown in the Library drop-down

KitCAD2.27 window icons Standard window Icons; Minimize, Maximize, Close
Other window size options are included in the SKiN config, right click on topbar for more window size options.

Online Help icon Help Icon; this web page...
Provides more information for using the software application code named 'KitCAD Version 2.27 v5'

Draw button, and search with update function Draw Selection or Search; Object Item/s
Pressing the DRAW button gets the Drop-down Selection of a object item onto the plan view; When the Drop-down selection of an object item is empty a search tool is started (includes library updater). Some keywords for searching include cabinet, base, wall, full, 1000, etc..

Bug Work-arounds for 2.27, or 2.26

Included fixes for 2.27

Included fixes for 2.26 (within 2.27 only)

Downloads Required

The download of KitCAD2G*.zip is a 2010 re-release of the entire KitCAD software package, which includes all KitCAD add-ons with supporting files of LibSys and ClipEd.

Please install additional downloads for 3D and 2D functions and any required viewers for generated file types. See the quick start Guide for KitCAD download instructions. See the other 3D/2D addons information for installing the required file viewers (not included with any release of KitCAD).

The current 2010 re-release of KitCAD2G*.zip includes the Library System and ClipEd support. Any previous release of KitCAD 2 ( version 2.25) required a library system to be downloaded before operation (library system was not included in main downloads), see the 2006 example library for more information.

Extra Downloads

Some extra downloads are NOT required but are listed below for advanced users; like the SKiN's, or the p2p example.

Pressing the DRAW button without a object item selected starts the Search tool. The Online text search functions within ISEARCH.exe require HTML files of KitCADi3 and in this case the CGI software running at KitCADi3 search - as such an Internet connection is required. Please note that a CGI script or other interface is required by web server/s software to provide result/s and where needed prompts to update. The Online interfaces provide results that are configured to be downloaded for KitCAD2v5 and used in KitCADi3. To DISABLE the Online search option perform the following:- Open KitCAD2v5, press DRAW, and click the + button to expand the searchtool.exe dialog; Next select the Online checkbox and un-check any ticks before pressing the Close button to save the change.

SKiN Required

SKiN is the name given to the coloured interfaces for KitCAD2v5.exe and the download of KitCAD2G*.zip includes a default SKiN.

Please install additional SKiNs if needed from Extra SKiNs folder at

The locations and sizes of buttons is stored in a file named lang.inf found at C:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCAD\

NOTE : The Downloads of Extra SKiNs do NOT update the lang.inf file.

Hardware Required

Unlike the previous versions of KitCAD - this edition has a need for speed. The program of KitCAD2v5.exe has the following minimum requirements:

Editing settings

See lang.inf at C:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCAD\ for information editing KitCAD2v5.exe startup settings.

To view the settings for KitCAD from within KitCAD2v5.exe perform the following:

More Information

Quick start Guide for installing KitCAD or a KitCAD2 add-on functions.

KitCAD 2.25 Help Index for information in relation to all KitCAD programmes.
KitCAD 2.25 Application Help about, and short description.
KitCAD 2.25 Use Help for information in relation to use of drawing interface by users.
KitCAD 2.27 p2p for a MIRC demonstration of testing networking updates in real time over IRC.
KitCAD 2.27 KPA HTTPD for a Intranet Web Server example deployment.
JavaScript version of KitCAD2 Kp.Bpl KGraphicControl (KGC)

Updated download Information

Please download KitCAD2v5.* after the following release dates:

Released May 2005, July 2005, September 2005, 23rd November 2005, 18th June 2006, 18th-20th-25th-27th July 2006.
Re-released with KitCAD2G*.zip after the following dates: 6th Feburary 2010, 20th Feburary 2010.

Dev help for updates, 2010 information in relation to fixes, or upgrades.
Bug help for 2006 information in relation to fixes.
Download Update list for information in relation updated files.
ActiveX version of KitCAD2v5.exe
KGC JavaScript version of KitCAD2v5.exe

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