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Help and Information about the KitCAD2.exe program.

KitCAD 2 and KP.BpiKitCAD2.exe 1.1 3.4 (multi Language),, Beta Update.

KitCAD2.exe is the Next Version of KitCAD that attempts to respond to users requests. The file bar is movable to any location on the drawing screen. Supports KP2, KPD, and DBF file types. Still under development within KitCAD 2.27 v5.

KitCAD2.exe supports multi language use and the interface can be better configured to suit a users needs.

KitCAD2 is aimed towards designs of plans rather then the actual Objects upon each plan. Some KitCAD1 Standards are not supported.

Instructions and Information for use of the drawing form part of this software is located at the following Link.

The KitCAD 2 client relies upon the Windows subsystem for all Screen related functions, database management, and file catche. KitCAD 2 is based upon KitCAD 1.19 and will be fully GNU upon being in a stable state for release in its own install package. Some other parts of KitCAD are not GNU as they were written by others, like buttons, etc..

The data used in KitCAD 1.19 has been included in a windows subsystem component called KPGraphicControl, or KP.Bpl found in the windows subdirectory using the VCL 4.0 language as a base. The advantage is Upgrades to this component provide a smaller file for updates to KitCAD users and clients. An Active X control has been deployed based upon the KP.Bpl control. A JavaScript version of KitCAD2 Kp.Bpl control has been deployed for testing with KitCADi3

The use of KitCAD 2 is only limited to the amount of memory a machine has. An Example of such is 233Mhz or 600Mhz Pc with Windows95 can create 100 x 255 new items in over 60 minutes, at about 1 second per object with 255 items. (most kitchens would be 20-30 objects with 10 items in each.) The same as loading 25.501/.200=0.425.000m/0.004.000m = 7Minutes/6Seconds (2 Seconds on PCI) to form buttons onto a KitCAD windows control component, its very fast - in english. The faster the computer, the faster KitCAD 2 and Windows GUI can manage the objects displayed. The times depend on the amount of errors and size of objects in regards to the amount of items found in each object.

The standard of keeping all files in a user readable format as Ascii Text continue in KitCAD 2. This standard keeps the KitCAD programs user configuration files and drawings in a user readable form.

KitCAD 1.x 3D Rendering limits
The KitCAD 1.x rendering system was developed only for the XYZ angles above with rotation around RL to 90Dec.

A benfit of the KitCAD 1.x rendering system is being able to easily place and locate objects within other display on systems.

KitCAD 1.x only supports 4 sided object in rotation through XY - (90Deg only) support elevations in ZY or ZX. KitCAD 1.x does support 32x32 graphic mapping as textures.

OpenGL for 3D rendering in KitCAD 2 is also being used to speed up the deployment scheduals for the KitCAD program packages. A home brand engine is still being developed but will take some time to deploy.

KitCAD 2 home brand engine will be used to display shapes which will be handy for items with more then 4 sides and support other standards for output like OpenGL in KitCAD 2 as another example.

KitCAD2 system overview

The system is devided into seperate programs that can be used to perform seperate functions on indvidual component Controls or as a group.

KitCAD2 system overview as a graphic from a users view point

KitCAD2 Benfits and Features

KitCAD2 - allows current KPD/DAT designs to be larger, with more Objects and Items. 1,000,000 Objects - not including Items within each Object.
- allows designs of corner objects to be displayed.
- 1/20 compression of data within KP2 file types compaired with KPD file types.
- Support for KP2 file types and KPD file types, or both combined.
- re-uses native Windows 95 features and controls.
- re-uses Windows file systems to run from memory via components.
- simple component management build in, with object name and number.
- formula control of files, objects, or items.
- database ready for mixing with other design applications using copied Drilling Files..
- inbuild database management style of data management from KPD files.
- open KPD file types directly into KitCAD2 as objects.
- import DBF information directly into KitCAD2 as objects.
- improved networking performance.
- Supports User Editing with 100% User friendly base files, ascii and bitmap formats.
- Supports Older Systems on 16Meg of Ram, etc..
- Supports 640 x 480 screen sizes, and larger..
- Supports 8x8 Bitmapped file types for Texture Rendering.
- Supports Basic Industry Standards for 3D Renderings using a OpenGL Interface.
- Supports Basic Industry Standards for 2D and 3D Renderings using a Web Browser Interface.
- Supports Part Drilling file copy-over.
- Able to create Repeated parts, as in 5x5 of an object and show 1 as 5 = 5 in total. or 2 with 5 each = 10, etc
- Supports Repeated Parts so 1 visible Item can be worth 2 or more on cutting lists.
- faster file management, uses internal OS data management systems.
- works faster, and with much less information.
- supports over 400 objects per file, a possible of 51200 KPD Objects per KP2 file.
- expanded data export interfaces for formula to objects and parts.
- Supports Multi Lanuage uses and has configerable interfaces.
- Supports DCom and command line parameters
- Supports User configerable Templates for drawing Shapes.

KitCAD 2 Updates

Downloads and Updates displays the current builds Updates and Main Download.
A description of planned updates is in list.txt.

Instructions and Information for use of the software is located at the following Link.
Also see KitCAD 2.27 Help for more information about the 2005 release.

This program supports DCom with the use of command line parameters.

KitCAD2.exe FileName /b /q

Switch order:

FileName- Existing *.KP2 File type to Open.
/b - System Beep for testing connections.
/q - Quit Render (quits first, used for debug)

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