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GNU C++ files needed to be re-build to the current Edition, KitCAD 2 ONLY.

The files in were used to create the KitCAD programs with the BCB C++ 4.0 software compiler. The information here is a guide for novice users to KitCAD and BCB only. In no way is this a guide for programming KitCAD in any form.

Some files were not exported in the original zip files, or may be reported as missing when loaded. This page contains information for allowing BCB users to access the component level of the KitCAD software.

The following files are not supplied and may be need to be re-compiled:


To create these files a user needs to perform the procedure below...

Open Bcb, Select Component
Install Component
| and enter the following under Unit file name:


Package file name:

c:\program files\borland\cbuilder4\Lib\dclusr40.bpk

if you are prompted for the DCR file you have an older version of the c++ build files for KitCAD. The DCR file contains an Icon only, and by default C Builder will create a new icon when re-built.

Find and Remark the DCR line from KGraphicControl.cpp as follows:

#pragma resource "*.dcr"


//remarked line #pragma resource "*.dcr"

Save, Press the Compile button, and then the Install button. A dialog will be displayed about time and date change. Ok if prompted.

Save Changes, and Exit Bcb - and restart again.
The new tab will be displayed at the end of the components list.
The new tab name is KitchenPages, with the component within.

Next Copy the following file/s:

c:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder4\Projects\Lib\dclusr40.bpi
c:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder4\Projects\Lib\kp.bpi

c:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder4\Projects\Bpl\dclusr40.bpl

Once this procedure is completed (or convert from a type lib) the user may continue and compile the rest of the KitCAD 2 program or any KitCAD Ocx version. Also the missing file error will be fixed.

If dclusr40.bpl isn't compiled with the exe/ocx in design-time the system will ask for the file when in run-time.

The exe files can then be build via the bpr or bpk extensions. KitCAD Version 1.9x, and programs do not require a re-build. The ocx files can be build but require a more complex procedure to install a working copy. Users can if skilled enough attempt to add the ocx active x controls and programs as desired.

A OpenGL example is included in the C++ code of KitCAD.

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