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CnrBC2di - base cabinet 2 doors 2 infills rendered by OpenGL and KitCAD 1

KP2glu32.exe Description:

This program allows KitCAD users to create solid colour GL views using the KitCAD file types.
The program is started from KitCAD2 to view KPD Objects or KP2 Plan View renderings.
KitCAD2.exe and Kp2glu32.exe have limited supports for Shapes and User Created Shapes.
Kp2glu32.exe also supports a multi language user interface.

The default for KitCAD2.exe is DAT file extensions:
By Default KitCAD2.exe uses DAT file extensions but to render a processed DAT file users should instead change to a KPD file extension.
Example: KitCAD2|Edit|File=c:\program files\kitchen\objects\bc2di.KPD
Do NOT USE 'DAT' file extensions within KP2 file types - use KPD to allow texture rendering.

Grey Texture Rendering: Currently the library DAT files DO NOT have the BMP= line of text required for texture renderings.
KPD files by default have the BMP= line of text, see above.

To make KPD files either copy DAT files to KPD, or open DAT files with KitCAD.exe and save as KPD.
To make KPD files with the BMP= line run KitCAD.exe or KitCAD2.exe; save/copy DAT files for use as KPD files by rendering with the Render.exe option selected once to insert the BMP=drive/path/filename
Users can also insert the BMP= line manualy if needed.

To re-generate the BMP= line:
1)open the KPD/DAT file in KitCAD.exe (version 1).
2)De-Select the option to render with OpenGL from the KitCAD1 header bar!
3)Press the Red Cube (renders to inhouse 3D).
4)Right click on the Rendered preview and select the TEXTURE option.
5)Press the Red Cube again (refreshes render to inhouse 3D).
6)Exit KitCAD1.exe
7)Start KitCAD2.exe, modify DAT extensions to KPD and render with kp2glu32.exe

KitCAD2 users need to copy DAT files to KPD and render with Render.exe. Render.exe does not support the DAT file extension!

3D Location Errors: This bug, described as placement errors makes 3D and 2D viewing a problem - showing objects in incorrect locations.
A workaround for most issues is to set the KP2 file type sizes to large blocks as an example 1000 x 1000 x 903. This simply means that smaller items will be placed on the screen in the same locations to match 1000 x 1000 x 903. The area covered allows the user to pick up the object-item on screen and affects rendering placement maths when converted to other file formats, like WRL, SVG, OpenGL, etc..
KitCAD2 KP2 file sizes need not be correct when detailing for external rendering. Do NOT run the kitcad2 ruler option with enlarged block sizes.

An example (from KitCAD2.exe) of work-around for placement errors:
a) Edit KP2 object item 'KGraphicControl1'
b) Set WIDTH to 1000 and DEPTH to 1000
c) Press OK button
d) Adjust kitcad2 plan view location of 'KGraphicControl1', if needed
e) Press Save button, and repeat process if required

Hardware Driver Description:

OpenGL drivers are installed with various operating systems to allow access to hardware and 3D rendering options.
Both KP2glu32.exe and render.exe programs requires Windows9x/Nt OpenGL drivers with GL version 1.2 or above.

To stop KP2glu32.exe from rendering in KitCAD2:

Right Click on the Plan View and De-Select the GL Option.

KP2glu32.exe Screen and Interface Use:

A Open Dialog or prompt for a file will be showed if none was supplied on command line.
kp2glu32.exe "c:\long file name\demo.kp2"

Right Click for File, zoom, and other Rendering Options.

+Holding down the LEFT, RIGHT, UP, or DOWN keys will rotate along x,y,z from 0,0.
+Holding down the Left Mouse button and drag Left will widen the view of Objects.
+Holding down the Left Mouse button and drag Right will shorten the view of Objects.
+Holding down the Left Mouse button and drag Up will bring foward the view of Objects.
+Holding down the Left Mouse button and drag Back will send back the view of Objects.

Printing is not supported yet. Copy screen and edit as needed.

KP2 rotations must be a positive number, as -158/-90 will produce placement errors; use 478/270 instead.
Some KPD rotations are not supported by Kp2glu32.exe, see Render.exe for more information.

To align objects set the depths to a default like 600 in KitCAD2. Select Object, press Edit, Enter value of 600 for depth, and press OK. Align the object with others, and save or render.

More Information:

More Information can be found in the Bug List and Work-arounds.

Kp2glu32.exe has limited support for Shapes as detailed above.

Render.exe for KitCAD1 file types; and some option supports that also relate to kp2glu32 and KitCAD2 file types.

See Render.exe for extra links and more information about OpenGL 3D rendering.

Please see Rendering with Other applications for 3D realistic images created from KitCAD2 using VRML.

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