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The KitCAD2G*.zip Windows MSI setups for 95 to Xp include all the file downloads required to automatically install KitCAD 1, KitCAD 2, with KitCAD i3. Novice users, Advanced users, Joinery, and Kitchen Manufacturers wanting to install all current options of the software should use the KitCAD2G*.zip Current setups.

Previous version/s

KitCAD 2.25 application Download 1 of 5: (The download links of 2 to 5 have been removed)

KitCAD 2.25 Install - Support link [zip] - 8.3Meg

The KitCAD 2.25 Support link and download above are supplied as a fix for a Installer error dialog message.

Instructions :- Navigate to Add/Remove Programs and remove KitCAD2.2# setups. If a missing file Installer error is generated from any of the KitCAD 2.25 installers at removal, then re-installing the KitCAD 2.25 software will correct the bug.

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