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Help and Information about the Kpu.exe program or web page updates to KitCAD 2.

Web based Updates checkerKpu.exe 1.26 (multi language), 1.25, 1.23, 1.0.

Kpu.exe can check for Updates to the KitCAD Install files as needed. The dialog also helps configure networks for Internet connection by displaying a status window with either of 3 messages.

Kpu.exe does not start automatically as its anoying to be prompted for updates with no access, and other reasons.
With all 2007 and inital 2010 releases of KitCAD; All End-Users are required to recheck the KitCAD and Kitchen Pages web sites for major updates to the free software downloads

Kpup.exe is a second program started from Kpu.exe to allow Advanced users an extra choice of selecting and downloading various KitCAD Plug-In downloads and Add-Ons.

Kpue.exe is started from Kpup.exe for Advanced users to make changes to various KitCAD system text files.

Beta or No Updates Needed

The Kpu.exe Client displays the following message:
No Update Needed
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 04:42:28 GMT
Server: Apache/1.3.22 (Unix) FrontPage/
Last-Modified: Tue, 27 May 2003 03:10:34 GMT
ETag: "185d28-d4-3ed2d72a"
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-Length: 212
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/plain
A Short description of these messages are as follows, First is names of files updated , and the Second is when updates were uploaded or when version information was changed on the web.

Upgrade has been found and is Needed

The Kpu.exe Client displays a dialog stating 'Update Located'; Pressing the OK button will open a browser to the updated file, and close the Kpu.exe program.
A Dialog will be started if not already running and the download will be started.
Close all of the KitCAD applications and Install the update when the download completes.

KitCAD2 and KitCAD1.19 also includes a Web Page check to see what is new and check the state of any current KitCAD downloads.

Nothing happens, error, or A Dialog is Shown..

Dialog with Host Timed Out Message or No responce
Kpu.exe Client displays the following message on a Time Out Error.
Kpu.exe Client also displays the following message some proxy served computers.
There is no fix but I suggest looking at the other text if provided, and ask your network administrator for assistance.
Dialog with Null Remote Access is shown while connecting via LocalHost or Proxy.
Update the Proxy Host or target Host IP, and the Proxy Port text dialogs in KPU as needed. And retry.

Other errors are possible but these kind relate to the actual processing of data between two comunication points:

GET = "Get Failed"; relates to web server HTTP GET failure
The GET command downloads the contents of a file on web site into a specified localy hosted application control - which can be saved for later use (catche).

HEAD = "Head Failed"; relates to a web server HTTP1/1.1 HEAD failure
The HEAD command allows server and client to exchange basic infomation about the file type and how the server and client can comunicate with each other.

The following HTTP commands are NOT supported by Kpu.exe:

Check for updates via a web page..

A updates web page is located at DownLoads.html for users and administrators to check for pending betas or updates. These updates include fixes and additional programming not in the Stable releases of KitCAD. These updates may not be stable or function correctly.

Manage Plug-Ins

The Kpup.exe Client displays the following message/s on selecting the file from the drop down bar: KitCAD2 Full Installer Download
Double clicking on the text above will display the Add-On's web help in a Browser.

Right Clicking on either the Buttons, Text, and Status Bar will show various options which include Help F1, ControlPanel DEL, Kpue.exe, and other things..

To use Kpup.exe select the STATUS button and note which files have not been downloaded. Or press the Arrow Down key while the drop down bar is selected.

Files that are not downloaded as another addon or are not installed have no check in the two check boxes located above the Status bar text of Kpup.exe. Simply press the DOWNLOAD-ADDON button to start the download process for the selected URI in the file drop down bar.

The prefered 2010 method of allowing users to download other components and extra addons can now be managed though the KitCAD maintenance setup dialog window.

Multi Language Support

Kpu.exe and Kpup.exe supports multi language use and the interface can be better configured to suit a users needs.

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