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Win16/Win32 icon setup option for the KitCAD programs.

No Icon Extensions are created when KitCAD installs as a default. - the current full setup does install icons and database options. If other Icons are required then these settings must be manualy added by the user using something similar to the file in KitCAD 1.x or other methods depending on connection to information and databases.


By Default, the Installer currently places 2 icons as to allow the user to edit KitCAD files.

To Edit using KitCAD, select a KPD file with the mouse and right click, then select SendTo and KitCAD.

To add an icon to the Windows 9x extension system :

Other methods can be established using the Windows file extension system as one example shown below:

step 1 of 3 - adding win 32/16 icon extensions

Step 1 - Select, and then Double Click using the mouse/pointer on a KPD file.

step 2 of 3 - adding Windows Iconic Files

Step 2 - Navigate to the C:\Program Files\KitCAD subdirectory and select the KitCAD.exe file.

step 3 of 3 - adding win icon extensions

Step 3 - Select Ok to open the File using the KitCAD.exe application.

To add an icon to the Windows 9x system Send To option :

1. Open a window to the location of the program exe file, and copy the exe by right clicking on it then selecting copy.
2. Open a window to the c:\windows subdirectory and enter the folder named SendTo.
3. Paste a Short cut in the c:\windows\SendTo subdirectory as discribed above by right clicking and selecting paste shortcut from the popup list.

NOTE : To test, right click on a file - select the Send To option.

NOTE : More information on DCOM, advanced help, command line switchs, and program options can be located in the KitCAD 1.9x help.

KitCAD 1.8, and above, Header bar icons not being displayed can be fixed, see the FAQ for more information

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