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Help and Information on the VolEditor.exe program.

Importing data for Text or Cnc ExportingVolEditor.exe 1.10, 1.0 - part of Cutup.exe.

VolEditor.exe for Importing Data to Cutup.exe. Script Based Importing in Ascii Text formats.

VolEditor.exe 1.0 (accessed from the Volume Button on Cutup.exe) allows the user to set sizes for cnc and the like. An Example would be One part at the sizes of DimX 540, DimY 720, DimZ 16.

NOTE : To insure VOL files are run with KPD files open a drawing in KitCAD and save it to the c:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCAD\machine\ subdirectory.
This is reported as a bug and will be corrected soon as Cutup.exe will not process VOL scripts if not in the same subdirectory as the KPD file. Another solution is to store your VOL files with KPD files, or have seperate directories for each material construction type needed
Cutup.exe finds the following in a KPD file:

[b Cabinet4]
AddOns=B Cabinet
The volume information supplied in Cutup.exe is a B Cabinet with sizes of YXDepth as 555 , YXWidth as 967, and ZzHeight as Height of 870 less the Height From of 150...

VolEditor.exe programming is dynamic, for example. Using different VOL files for a single KPD file will produce multiple results. Materials, and sizes can be adjusted on part by part when Cutup.exe is processing.

VolEditor.exe runs multi items for objects or items found in KPD files. Handy for telling other programs about the parts within a object or item.

Text Volume Editing
(tip: Dialogs starting with X are for DimX while Y is for DimY).

The material and tag dialogs both must be filled out for CutUp.exe to process an item on the VOL listing.
If Cutup.exe finds a VOL file with the KPD file called b cabinet.vol it then does the following:

AddOns=b cabinet

Vol Record Set to = 0
B Cabinet.vol is found with KPD file.

Material=16 (The material code is 16)
Cutup.exe starts at Record [0] of the VOL file and runs for each Record found like [1], [2], [...], [32000], etc..
so the sum of one part from the above for the file of B Cabinet.vol as supplied would become the following:
NOTE : A value is only passed if the text [value] is inserted into the required dimention. A number can also be used but must be something like -10. To save no value use a zero.
0 + X + XWidth + XDepth + XHeight - XHeightF = X
0 + Y + YWidth + YDepth + YHeight - YHeightF = Y
X = X + -16 + [value] + 0 - 0 = [value] (0 is counted as a number so -16 is really +15 units of measure or as in mm here..).
Y = Y + 0 + 0 + [value] - [value] = [value]

X = 0 + -16 + 555 + 0 - 0 = 540
Y = 0 + 0 + 870 - 150 = 720
Z = 16
T = cabendleft
If I wanted to rotate the cutting I would do the following:
X = X + 0 + 0 + [value] - [value] = [value]
Y = Y + -16 + [value] + 0 - 0 = [value]

X = 0 + 0 + 870 - 150 = 720
Y = 555 + -16 + 0 + 0 - 0 = 540
(tip: use XWidth or YWidth to get 967 into the sum, the layout of the screen is not how the sum runs!).

The information above is then passed back to the Cutup.exe program in processing for each part found in a VOL file, if at [0] this script would loop again if [1] was found, and so on. Then passing control back to Cutup.exe for processing of the next object or item in the KPD file..

Maximum parts per KPD File = (255 max objects in a single KPD file) x (Integer loops max per item or object) x (Parts in a single VOL file) = 255 x 32000 x 255 = 2,088,960,000 possible parts per KPD and VOL files combined, takes about 3 seconds to process less than 1000 parts on 600Mhz processor. In english: its lots and very fast.. Drilling, or machine templates are not generated at this time.. its assumed you already have this system up and running so a cabendleft can be drilled as a standard drilling pattern for left ends.

NOTE: Object items without VOL files are assigned the NULL.vol file - which includes a MATERIAL thickness of 0mm to remark the object item from cutup.exe 2.23 2006 output.

The line Tag=cabendleft within VOL files tells cutup.exe to copy the pre-written file of cabendleft.dri to a new file name of cabendleft.asc. To move/edit/rename the files to an export directory see the cutup.exe 2.23 2006 batch support option of cp1.bat

An Example of BC2Di.KPD object VOL files is included in the CutUp help file..

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