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File Types and Information for the KitCAD programs.

More information about the contents of the file can be found at this link

file Export NS

file type tree

An example of the above for say 16mm white board would be, running CutUp.exe :
(Note the KPD file is in the same subdirectory as the material type!)

C:\Program Files\KitCAD\Machine\White16\*.KPD
C:\Program Files\KitCAD\Machine\White16\*.DAT
C:\Program Files\KitCAD\Machine\White16\*.KPS
C:\Program Files\KitCAD\Machine\White16\*.KPM
C:\Program Files\KitCAD\Machine\White16\*.VOL
C:\Program Files\KitCAD\Machine\White16\*.TXT

KitCAD 2 *.KPD file types

a view of KitCAD2 KP2 file types
The image above shows a KP2 file type, within each KP2 file are Objects, and each object has its own Item/s. KPD files are placed upon a plan in KitCAD 2 - allowing for another file type to over-load and store the position / plan design apart from the object.

The result of grouped data is a displayed image to a user of KitCAD2.exe or in KP2 file types which are made up of many KPD Objects and Items. Any changes to KPD files are propergated in viewing a KP2 file type in a real time process (that which allows the change to be seen accross all systems when updated).

KitCAD3.exe (the next version) will add another layer to this description. Allowing for KPD/KP2/KP3 file types to be grouped in the same way KPD/KP2 are grouped by KitCAD2.exe

KPD and KP2 file types contain Objects and Items that are only Kinematic when updated. The displayed image will be updated by the systems internal processes, in affect being Time of updates being applied; Mass of the Items in total make an Object or single KPD file with a mutiple of Items or Objects. Speed is controled by screen related positions of x and y.
There are other descriptions but by default these are not altered. Another C++ KPDGraphicObject could be added to extend the function of such a system.

KitCAD2 includes limited support for the drawing of Shapes with more then 4 sides.
More information about the contents of the file can be found at this link

KitCAD2 memory usage

a view of KitCAD2 memory and hardware stacks

The image above is a description of memory usage, some parts of a computer may be slower then other parts, as in the following example; Disk based operations vs memory based functions or a combo of both combined.

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