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Help and Information about the Ruler.exe program.

Dynamic Cabinet or Object SizesRuler.exe 2.22.3, 2.22, 2.21, 2.20, 1.0.

Ruler.exe can be started from the Main Menu System with KitCAD. The configuration files is called Ruler.dat. The Ruler.exe program processes scripts found in the Ruler.dat file to alter the sizes of KPD and DAT files for KitCAD. The Rules are made by Rule.exe and are stored in the KPR file types.

Users enter values in millimeters for width, height, and depth of the item.
Users then have a choice of scripts to run with the sizes given. Parts or whole items may be modified in this way.
A Base Cabinet rule is included, the default size of the Base Cabinet example is 1000 in width, 903 total height, and 600 overall depth of cabinet.

A Backup Batch Utility is provided on the Server for users who whish to create their own rules for ruler. -

NOTE : KitCAD.exe (version1.9x) must be in 'Plan View' Mode, ie not in Draw Mode. The object or item for the update will then be able to reload in its new size as set in Ruler.exe.

Please see Help Tab in the Ruler.exe Application for a Updated Copy of Text Below.
An Example File is Included with the update. bc2di.kpi, bc2di.kpr, bc2di.dbf, bc2di.kpd, and bc2di.dat

The Ruler.exe program allows users to change sizes of object files created by an KitCAD 1.1x or KitCAD 2 administrator via a simple interface.

The results of this program are reflected within KitCAD to show the size changes to that object - system wide and in real time with KitCAD 2. Ruler.exe makes changes to the KPD or DAT files to provide KitCAD with a dynamic resize option. KPR files are generated and altered if needed by Rule.exe

Rules system 2.2x for KitCAD 1.19 and KitCAD 2
written by Jason Robinson (C) 2003, Not Gnu. Freeware.
comments lines using the # symbol, end of line is the ; symbol.
Arrange rules so items are worked out as required
eg.. benchtop first because other items need information from it.
width, depth, height are from the Ruler while RealHeight, etc are from KitCAD
Example is from Object rule of bc2di.kpd and the file is BC2DI.KPD

1. Enter Sizes
2. Select Rule.
3. Press the Button Run Rule.
4. Draw in KitCAD.
5. Repeat Above to Re-Run. If you do not reselect the rule then No Update will happen.

End Of Line is the symbol ";"
Syntax is :-


Command Line Params for running Rules from KitCAD2 Object Editor:-
ruler.exe rule "file.kpd" width depth height heightfrom location "file.kp2"



For the following as seen above there are 13 conversion types, this example is Width:
Width will be converted using the Scale loaded from each section.

=[width]; will default to write only one value, that of RealWidth.

=[width]==0; will allow Ruler.exe to write only one value, that of Width.

=[width]=*0; will allow Ruler.exe to write two values, Width and RealWidth.

=[width]*value; will allow Ruler.exe to write one Value, Width under BOTH!!!

=[width]*=value; will allow Ruler.exe to write one Value, Width under Width

=[0]%*value; Width under Width, but will use last value in program. for gaps.


PreSet Names that Ruler.exe has rules for:

RealWidth = Width
RealDepth = Depth
RealHeight = Height
RealHeightFrom = HeightFrom
RealPosX = Left
RealPosY = Top
FixY = FixY
FixX = FixX

PreSet Rules are:

[0] = 0
w = 1000
d = 600
h = 900
width =x w
depth =x d
height =x h
heightfrom =heightfrom used only for KitCAD2
cwidth x= (((width) * 6) / AScale) / 3)
cdepth x= (((depth) * 6) / AScale) / 3)
cheight x= (((height) * 6) / AScale) / 3)
cheightf x= (((heightfrom) * 6) / AScale) / 3) used only for KitCAD2
[0]%[+|-|/|*] = {Value}
0 == {Value}


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