KitCAD i3 KGC r5 Toolbar
The drop-down-menu on the toolbar is used to select a Object Item for drawing onto plan,
current selection shown is for a Object Item titled bc2di.
New - new plan or opens a KP2 file
Draw - Starts process for drawing the selected Object Item to plan
Edit - Edits a numbered Object Item that has been drawn to plan
Save - Saves a KP2 file
Print - Starts screen capture process for output device
Quote - Displays a Price
Render - Displays a View
The main toolbar can be repositioned by clicking once on the text of 'KitCAD i3 toolbar', a drag and drop function may also be supported by the Web browser for toolbars, {except the splash screen and User Preference settings}.
Clicking once on the main toolbar Icon will display the User Preference settings.

The EDIT button will display the prompt allowing the user to ID the a Object Item from 0 to 50.
The DRAW button will display the prompt allowing the user to ID the intended placement from 0 to 50 of a selected Object Item.
The ID of the placement matchs the ordering of layers.
As an example; The Object Item location of 0 will be hidden behind the Object Location of 1.

Object Editor
The Object Editor has data entry for the following:
Name - Each Name on a plan drawing MUST be unique, as example; Selection + ID = bc2di0
Top - 0 is the default top locaiton in pixels
Left - 0 is the default left location in pixels
FileName - Selected Object Item file name
Rotation - 0 is the default roation, 0 to 360 degrees
Width - 1000 is the default for width, in millimetres
Depth - 600 is the default for depth, in millimetres
Height - 0 is the default for Height, in millimetres
HeightFrom - 0 is the default Height from ground (RL), in millimetres

Move - Closes Object Editor and starts movement of selected Object Item
Delete - Deletes selected Object Item and Closes Object Editor
Apply - Processes all changes and updates selected Object Item
Close - Closes Object Editor

Message Box
The splash screen is also the message dialog for KitCAD i3 KGC r3.
After opening a KP2 file or starting a drawing, the title text of the message when clicked will allow the user to move the message to a new screen location.
The X in the upper left hand corner will close the message dialog. Moving over the X while using a signed-in Account will show Sharing Icons for stored output
Sharing icons (above) are shown for signed-in account users to Share stored output on other services.
The >> link allows signed-in account users to open the stored output in a new webpage Browser window.

Generated Data and Views

No account is required to view the rX_quote.html and rX_x3dom.html web pages that in normal operation are framed within the KitCAD i3 KGC rX web page. These pages can operate from another browser tab depending upon Web Browser security settings and allows for copying/printing/modification of generated inforamtion.
Refresh or load the required web page below after using the Quote or Render buttons to generate data/view.
Framed pages - Quote | Render (Full Screen)

Extra Information

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Some Web Browsers and Systems running from http*;//localhost or file: may not support the functions of :-
Account Manager, Plan Page size, Inspect Element, User Preference settings, Advanced Share, Plan Grid settings, Opera Turbo, and Language Support.