Inspect Element and Unsaved changes

A user can edit a Webpage when making un-saved changes to the planning view. Any user changes will not be saved by KitCAD i3 KGC r5.

Many modern Web Browsers support the starting of a Developer/Console interface by pressing the F12 key.

Current releases of the Mozilla Firefox webpage browsers offers a Document Element Inspection function as follows:

Firefox right click popup
Right click on a BC2DI object item, and then select the Inspect Element option from the right-click popup menu

Element View
Clicking within the high lighted element will allow the user to make changes.

Attribute View
The Element named polygon is having its Attribute for stroke changed from the value of green into none (making the polygon non-visible).

Current versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and other webpage browsers have a similar Inspect Element option as described above for the Mozilla Firefox 16 Webpage browser.


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