Keyboard support

As a standard the Toolbar, Prompt dialog, and Object Editor dialog buttons can be accessed by the following method.

Start by Holding down the SHIFT key (first), and then hold down the CTRL or ALT keys (or both, as second) to enable the keyboard access;

While holding down the keys as described above, press the key matching the first letter on the button (the third, to access the control) as follows:-


"o" key - Open
"n" key - New
"i" key - Object Item Selector
"d" key - Draw selected Object Item
"e" key - Edit
"s" key - Save
"p" key - Print
"q" key - Quote Estimate
"r" key - 3D rendering
"h" key - Help (displays the Splash Screen)
"h" key - HashTag entry (removes the displayed Splash Screen)
"x" key - Close Splash Screen


"m" key - Move
"e" key - Edit

Prompt dialog

"o" key - Ok
"x" key - Close

Object Editor dialog

"a" key - Apply
"c" key - Close
"d" key - Delete
"m" key - Move

KGC Keyboard support

As a standard the KGC Move function can be operated by keyboard input as follows:

Start by selecting Bc2di from the Toolbar drop-down menu, and press Draw, and Ok buttons.
A KGC Object Item will be drawn, also the buttons of Move, and Edit will be displayed in the upper left of the Object Item.

Then - click the Move button, and navigate using the Arrow keys. Press the Return or ESC key to finish Object Item placement.

Pressing the SHIFT, CTRL or ALT keys once and then navigating using Arrow keys will insease speed of movement for a limited time.

KGC - Move

Left key - Left, move towards left of screen
Up key - Up, move towards top of screen
Right key - Right, move towards right of screen
Down key - Down, move towards bottom of screen
Return key - Finish Move function and selects/clicks current selected control
ESC key - Escapes current Move function and may cause browser to abort current processes
Shift key - Shift, speeds movement for 5 seconds after being pressed
ALT key - Alt, speeds movement for 5 seconds after being pressed or longer when held down
CTRL key - Ctrl, speeds movement for 5 seconds after being pressed or longer when held down

NOTE: The scripted DOM keyboard support provided is not using HTML accessKey attributes.

The Tab key can also be used to nagivate toolbar/button selection; Holding down the Shift key first reverses the nagivation direction.

Some Web Browsers do not support keyboard use.


KitCAD i3 KGC r5 help - link