VRML supports the following navigation modes may be possible: "r" key- View Reset
"a" key - View all
"u" key - View Upright
"d" key - View/Hide debug


Pressing the "e" key enables Examine mode.
Rotate - Mouse Button Left / Left + Shift
Pan - Mouse Button Mid / Left + Ctrl
Zoom - Mouse Button Right / Wheel / Left + Alt

To Set center of rotation Double-click left Mouse Button, the drawing will then rotate around that point.

To Zoom - Click Right mouse button and hold it down, at the same time drag on the X3DOM viewing area to Zoom in or out; moving towards the centre will Zoom-in, moving away from the centre will Zoom-out.


Pressing the "w" key enables Walk mode.
Move forward - Mouse Button Left
Move backward - Mouse Button Right


Pressing the "f" key enables fly mode.
Move forward - Mouse Button Left
Move backward - Mouse Button Right


Pressing the "h" key enables Helicopter mode.
To look downwards/upwards and to move higher/lower use the keys (8/9 and 6/7).
Move forward - Mouse Button Left

Look at

Pressing the "l" key enables Look at mode.
Move in - Mouse Button Left
Move out - Mouse Button Right


Pressing the "g" key enables Game mode.
To rotate view move the mouse.
Move forward - up
Move backward - down
Slide Left - left
Slide Right - right

Installing a VRML Plug-in or VRML Browser

VRML window
Internet Explorer 6 users, or other webpage Browsers can install support for playing/viewing VRML file mime types.
For more information and links about installing VRML support please see VRML Plug-in, Setup help document.


KitCAD i3 KGC r5 help - link
X3DOM navigation functions - link

Extra Information

InstantReality.org X3DOM/VRML browser - link