Account Manager

Account Manager - menu
The Account manager has support for the following account types:
* Kitchen Pages, i3 Account Manager (Single sign-in Password/code generated number)
^ OpenID
+ Twitter AOath 2.0
+ FaceBook API
+ Google Plus API

Notes: The interfaces marked with the "*" symbol is the default/base - case sensitive Single sign-in, with Single sign-in code generated number.
The interfaces marked with the "^" symbol change the Account Manager (Single sign-in Password) which is stored each time a user completes the signin process.
The interfaces marked with the "+" are added ontop of interfaces marked with the "^" symbol, with random time code generated number.

OpenID - Yadis - Social Media

OpenID - menu
The OpenID / Yadis sign-in process will open in a new window to complete. A capture code is required; an example is shown above as 2GPV.
Social Media Accounts for Twitter, or Facebook are supported and processed via the OpenID / Yadis sign-in processor; Enter a supported profile page URL and complete the allow communication process in a new webpage Browser window.
Example supported Social Media Account provider OpenID's is: Other Social Media Account providers and URL's may not be supported, white-listed, or enabled.

New Kitchen Pages, i3 Accounts

signle signin
For Kitchen Pages, i3 Account Manager - all new users using the Single sign-in will have to complete the above dialog.
The Single sign-in Account and OpenID / Yadis sign-in Account can NOT be changed after creation; A Single sign-in can not start using a OpenID sign-in process.
Email and Password for all Single sign-in Accounts should be stored on Paper - as there is no reset function.

NOTE: The OpenID / Yadis / Social Media sign-in process avoids the need for new users creating a Kitchen Pages, i3 Account.

Lost Kitchen Pages, i3 Password

forgot password
Kitchen Pages, i3 Account Manager Single sign-in Passwords may be emailed back after a delay (from 1 to 6 days).
The recover lost password process is not enabled for OpenID / Yadis / Social Media authorsed accounts.


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