Program Console

A user can script program any Webpage when making un-saved changes to the runtime.

Many modern Web Browsers support the starting of a Developer/Console interface by pressing the F12 key.

Current releases of Google Chrome Webpage browsers offers a Webpage runtime JavaScript Console editor function as follows:

Chrome Developer Console
From the Customise and control Chrome settings drop down menu; Then nagivate to the Tools sub-menu and select the JavaScript Console option.
NOTE : Holding down the SHIFT and CTRL keys, and press the J key once will open a new Developer Console window; (Pressing the J for a second time will open a new Console window to edit DEVTools.js from the Delveloper Console window that was opened to edit the KitCAD i3 KGC r5 Webpage).

Chrome Developer Console
As shown in the example above, the interface provides help with entering values.

Current versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and other webpage browsers have a similar runtime Console editors as described above for the Google Chrome v23 Webpage browser.

Internet Explorer Tools Console
Current versions of Internet Explorer, and Pinned windows include a Console monitor which can accessed by pressing the F12 key or by navigation in the Tools drop-down menu.
Also For Pinned sites - Select from the Tools drop-down menu the F12 Developer Tools option.
Then Select the Console Tab within the opened F12 window.

Internet Explorer 6 does not include this option.


A new r5 plan drawing should be started after a Console window is launched by the user - to show status, and qx LOG output as pictured above.


KitCAD i3 KGC r5 help - link