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The recommended download version for previous windows operating systems is titled KitCAD i3; Designed to be run as Windows 95, 98, NT4, ME, XP, Vista software application/s, with Internet Explorer installed (versions 5 to 8). The main parts of the KitCAD program package are supplied inclusive of the demo library system for KitCAD 1, KitCAD 2, and KitCAD i3.

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The KitCAD*.exe Windows EXE setups for 95 to Xp below include all the file downloads required to install KitCAD i3. Advanced users, Joinery, and Kitchen Manufacturers wanting to install all current options of the software should also use the current version. Support of previous versions including KitCAD 1 and KitCAD 2 is included within the current version.

KitCAD i3 works and runs on operating systems that support IExplorer 5-8, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox Browsers - Start KitCAD i3

KitCAD i3 rX online/offline works and runs on operating systems that support the latest IExplorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox Browsers - Start KitCAD i3 rX

Designers, Joinery, and Cabinet Manufacturers downloads

i3 Win32

Free download of KitCAD i3 - win32 9x/Me/NT4/2k/Xp/Vista version/s, with 3D support. Please see links below

KitCAD i3, Application Download 1 of 2 for win32:

KitCAD i3 KGC localhost win32 Installer help guide - DOWNLOAD [exe] - 2Meg

Installed software Un-Install Instructions

Show All Downloads for other systems

KitCAD 2.27, and i3 application Download 2 of 2 for win32:

Additional 2D/Photo real 3D Rendering Software [link] needed for downloads *

Online KitCAD i3 KGC Help - Help Document.

Online KitCAD1 and KitCAD2 Help - Help Documents.

Previous version users of the KitCAD Software are advised to check for updates.

Faster downloads?

Faster downloads

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osi (Created using BCB4PRO bcb) Get the C++ source code used to create KitCAD distrubted under a modified GNU Licence.

Please report any errors that are found in the downloaded files to

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