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Introduction, description

KitCAD i3 is a web browser version of KitCAD 2 (KP2); KitCAD i3 is located on KitchenPages.com, because there needed to be somewhere for testing it (on a real linux webserver). At a later date this package will be avaiable as a download from the KitCAD web sites.

Currently KitCAD i3 is being written, so some parts may not function or work as desired. Some user functions may resolve to this page (Links from new_drawing.html are directed to this help page as an example).


How to Start a new Drawing

Start the web browser and go to http://www.kitchenpages.com/library/i3/ and select the usr folder. Then select the document titled 'new_drawing.html'.

If viewed from a web server then select either Edit or start a New Drawing by using the web page buttons provided.

The new_drawing.html file has 50 pre-defined KGraphicControl Elements ready for use.

How to Add Object-Items to a new Drawing

To draw on the webpage, select a Object-Item from the Drop-down-combo box. Then press the DRAW button on the toolbar once. Answer the prompts as required.

How to Search for Object-Items

Clear the drop-down Object Item selection and press the draw button on the toolbar once. Answer the prompts as required. Suggested search key words are bc2di, wc2di, fc2di.


How to Edit a Drawing

The editing functions of KitCAD i3 are very basic and include a Edit and Move option.

To edit a Object-Item on screen simply select the Object item and the EDIT button once. To save changes use the APPLY button, and close the dialog box.

To move a Object-Item on screen simply select the Object item and the Move button once. To place the Object-Item in a new location Left Click once on the Body of the web page.

SIZE values should be one of the following currently supported values: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, as millimeters; Other sizes are possible but may not be fully supported or tested for error free use by KitCADi3 or KitCAD2
Prompts for Sizes must be entered in Millimeters by default.


Selected Object-Item descriptions

By default - the KitCAD2 examples included the following Object-Items; BC2di, FC2dp, WC2dp, and CnrBC2dI that are described in more detail at http://www.kitchenpages.com/library/demo.html

Included Object-Items

Online Object-Items include the defaults for KitCAD2.exe, as described above and several new Object-Items without Infills or Pannels:

BC2d Base Cabinet, 2 doors; BC4dr Base Cabinet, 4 drawers; CnBC2d Corner Base Cabinet, 2 doors; WC2d Wall Cabinet, 2 doors; FC2d Full Sized Cabinet, 2 doors;

Custom sized Object-Items are loaded by the DRAW function of KitCAD i3 web toolbar. And new additions are added to the toolbar when possible.

Object-Item Toolbar's

Object-Items are further devided into seperate toolbars for ease of use. Each Toolbar has the following icons:

Each of the Toolbar's buttons have a under-lined or marked letter to state the Access Key for each.
An example is Draw or [D]raw, can be selected by holding down the ALT key and pressing the D key once.
The same letters also function as HREF links in some web browsers.

The Tab key is also supported so users may navigate Toolbar's, Buttons, and Frames.

Object-Item name convention

The Object-Items are described from the name used; for example a BC2d0 by default when matched to KitCAD2.exe lirary files would describe a Base Cabinet {BC} One Door {2d} Cabinet Object-Item with the overall dimensions of 1000mm in width {1000w}, 600mm in depth {600d}, 903mm in height {903h}, and 0mm in height off the ground {0fh}. The description has the ROTATION of the Object-item included; for example 0Dec {0}. Information is seperated using the '_' symbol.
The ROTATION description is not used in KitCAD1/2 or KitCADi3 library systems by default.

SIZE values should be one of the following currently supported values: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, as millimeters; to allow KitCAD2 support of KitCADi3 generated files.

To configure the SIZE options of Object-Items using DOM of IMG WIDTH and IMG HEIGHT as with svg which can size the graphic displayed on-screen; A re-size or zoom function is currently not written into all scripts for pulling at object items as some browsers support these functions by default.


Save File

Example of Save and re-loading:
1) Open a drawing, draw something, and press the Save button. A new window is created - named KP2, and allows advanced KitCAD2 users to download the file.
2) Simply Save the web page to your desktop using your web browser, and close the page
3) KitCAD 2 users can now open the Saved web page from the desktop, see Exporting from KitCAD i3 to KitCAD2 KP2
4) KitCAD i3 users re-open the saved file by using _i3user.htm from a link within KitCADi3

The default browser method of 'Select all' and 'Copy' will result in HTML and any CSS text being sent to the 'Clipboard' from where it can be pasted into other applications to create a HTML applications to use data based on KitCAD i3 drawings. KitCAD i3 by default does NOT accept user 'Paste' of HTML content unless the browser allows user page editing.


Open from File

The Open button is not provided on the tool bar (a link is provided on the main index page for Editing drawings). The Open and Save methods are not equal, in that users can only use the web links to locate pre-saved files on the server. The Save button allows the saved file data to be re-uploaded for editing by KitCADi3 at a later date.

NOTE : Users MUST download the file to save it for re-editing. Simply pressing the save icon on the KitCAD i3 tool bar does not save the file. Users who have accounts are given an option to save a file onto the server.


Object-Item Editor

This editor shows more details about the selected Object-Item. A work of art in progress... Child window Data is gathered using its parent window.


Printing web plan previews

Pressing the Print button should show a dialog about selecting the printer, etc. Its advised users select the printer to print in LANDSCAPE mode. (side ways). And follow the instructions and prompts to complete the operation. The bottom frame should be printed to the selected printer.


3D Rendering of web plan previews

Pressing the Render button will show a dialog with content to be Posted for realtime 3D rendering - select the required viewer (X3DV or VRML) using the button titled 'view...', etc..

See: System Requirements.


Opening x3d or x3dv file types using Windows 9x and xj3d M9+

The following information allows users to associate file types with an application interface, in this case application interface of xj3d.

Select a x3dv file, Windows 95 users will be prompted with adialog titled "Open With":
1. In the "Open With" dialog prompt select the button titled 'Other' from the lower left hand corner.
2. Select the File Name field enter the text of C:\Program Files\xj3d\browser.bat
3. Press Enter or the Ok button to finish.

The above process can be repeated for WRL and X3DV file extensions. It should be noted that xj3d version M9 converted vrml97 to x3dv on the fly.
For more information about editing file extension associations see Adding Icons.

XJ3D notes:
A Blank screen, or black world shown... M9, Jogl, etc.. sometimes fails to run on some 95 machines...
To fix Edit the following line found in C:/Program Files/xj3d/browser.bat By using the solution;
1. Start Button | Run | notepad.exe "C:\Program Files\xj3d\browser.bat"
2. Select the line of:
java -classpath .;jogl.jar;apps/browser/xj3d_browser.jar;apps/browser;jars/JXInput.jar;jars/j3d-org.jar;jars/gnu-regexp-1.0.8.jar;jars/httpclient.jar;jars/j3d-org-images.jar;jars/js.jar;jars/uri.jar;jars/vlc_uri.jar;jars/aviatrix3d-all.jar;jars/xj3d-all.jar -Xmx450M -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=256M xj3d.browser.Xj3DBrowser %1 %2
3. Insert -j3d before the %1, example:
java -classpath .;jogl.jar;apps/browser/xj3d_browser.jar;apps/browser;jars/JXInput.jar;jars/j3d-org.jar;jars/gnu-regexp-1.0.8.jar;jars/httpclient.jar;jars/j3d-org-images.jar;jars/js.jar;jars/uri.jar;jars/vlc_uri.jar;jars/aviatrix3d-all.jar;jars/xj3d-all.jar -Xmx450M -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=256M xj3d.browser.Xj3DBrowser -j3d %1 %2
4. Then Save the changed file.

Other render options include: -elumens -ogl -j3d



ClipEditor KitCADi3

The ClipArtEditor - KitCADi3 window allows users to alter 3D colour styles. Selecting 'Current', 'Pink', 'Timber', etc and pressing the Update link changes the rendering output to show the selected objects in that colour style. Press the Render button for changes to be shown.

NOTE : KitCADi3 supports colour styles where as KitCAD2 does not.

A link to access ClipArtEditor - KitCADi3 window is located on the main Toolbar of KitCADi3 and is titled ClipED


File Formatting Options

The File Format Options - KitCADi3 window allows users to select the output file formats, including: SVG, VRML, X3DV, KP2, and more..

A link to access File Format Options - KitCADi3 window is located on the main Toolbar of KitCADi3 and is titled Options


Bugs, etc...

Information about current KitCADi3 bugs and updates can be seen at http://www.kitchenpages.com/dev/

Currently still uploading graphics, working on KitCAD i3, creating button functions, writing code, etc..
So some bits may not work... check back again soon or post me code/wishlist..

KitCAD2 KGraphicControl KP.Bpl as JavaScript. 10/2006. Example of Kp.bpl recoded into JavaScript. Intended for use with KitCADi3 at a later date.

Rendering using VRML formats and the converted JavaScripts from KitCAD shows rotated objects using 2D image sizes for 3D sizes which is Wrong... Working on a fix but best advise is to design one wall and then join using the InLine command or a VRML World Editor. To render rotated objects on drawings users need to save in the KP2 file extension and render using the win32 version of KitCAD2v5 and VRML. 11/2005. New xj3d users should also see open with x3dv and win95.

Edit - Click release of Object-Item may start _foei.htm by clicking ontop of other object-item.
A work-Around is to right click to stop Object-Item movement, and then left click in an un-used part of the plan-view with pointer.

On another note some Mozilla type Web Browsers require a 'Control' to cover the visible form area to aquire pointer informaiton - Netscape/Mozilla browsers move selected Object-Item when mouse pointer is ontop of another Object-Item/s on presaved EXAMPLE.html using a TABLE Element.
When working outside of screen size on plan views in 'outer-space' with no 'Control' under the selected Object-Item; the pointer has movement problems when moving Object-Items around the page, corrected by a user moving the pointer slower.
A work-Around is to edit and extend the TABLE element sizes; or use a Internet Explorer; or try another web browser.

There are small bugs with Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 and 'some' rendering plugins. Please consult your systems administrator before attempting to correct these file mine type options. A work-around is to download files, or create them (as shown below) with a text editor for later viewing.

JavaScript Error - Dialog prompt, or warning is show in status bar.
A work-Around for Dialog prompts is to check the option that prevents Error messages (found on many browsers dialogs, or in option settings) and continue running the script. Please also wait for browser to download complete scripts, buttons may not function until all scripts are loaded!
A work-Around for the status bar error message is to hide the status bar (found in the option settings of many browsers).

JavaScript Maths - Different magic number is in use "number = (Pixel x 7.407407407)"; the original maths was "number = (Pixel x 7.407407407407)". The maths assumes that 135px is equal to 999mm, 81px is equal to 599mm. Numbers are then raised by a unit, of 1; to be 135px=1000mm and 81px=600mm.

IE5.5 - Object not found, Class not registered javascript error dialogs are shown.
Caused by not having an open new_drawing.html or usr_drawing.html file, and pressing buttons like Draw, Render, Save, Cost. This error will also be displayed if the javascipts have not finished downloading - to fix, simply wait a few seconds before clicking buttons (or use a faster browser)...
A Class not registered error is caused in IE5.5 with the same buttons that use the javascript function of window.open, to correct this bug without restarting the webbrowser simply open another blank browser and retry the link.

Windows IExplorer Advanced and novice users using programs like the IE5.exe demo included with the KitCADi3 download or even VB also have options and functions the of WebBrowser component control, for more information see the msdn.microsoft.com site.

Other API Advanced and novice users examples at API sub-directory.

Firefox1.0.7 - Catche may need updating to aquire latest icons, etc. To clear the Catche select Tools|Options|Privacy, and click Clear All. Another bug found using Embeded plugin's that cause browser to crash 'most-times' when downloading a uncommon mine file type like the 'wrl' file extension for example. A work-around is to install Firefox1.5 into a clean folder and retry.

When running a online page Firefox will display "Unresponsive script" warning messages when using KGC JavaScripts; To disable the messages type about:config in url bar, and filter to dom.max_script_run_time. Change the value from the default of 5 seconds to 20 seconds.

CSS errors with incorrect attribute of zindex are being corrected to z-index, other smaller bugs will be corrected in time or when found.

Right click on Object Items shows standard popup dialogs; Use left click to show Edit or Move scripted DHTML CSS buttons. A solution will be offered using the javascript command of external.menuArguments for IE browsers at a later date. As an example for Internet Explorer interfaces see the file of C:\Windows\Web\zoomin.htm and registry key of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\Zoom &In that provides right click zoom control for user selected images.

For more information about older KitCAD2v5 bugs see http://www.kitchenpages.com/help/list.txt


Advanced users help

Information about current KitCADi3 bugs and updates can be seen at http://www.kitchenpages.com/dev/

Bio, and past uri referance information please see : http://www.kitchenpages.com/help/i3/_readme.txt


Adding KitCAD i3 icon to My Favorites

The following link will create a icon in web favorites or sidebars :


System Requirements

This version of KitCAD i3 runs with the use of an Internet Web Browser using loose 'web standards' in connecting to a web server (running apache software) for one or more clients; so no real downloading or installer is required for creating 2D Plan Views. Users require a computer that has at least a 56kb dialup modem connected to the Internet, 800 x 600 Screen 24Bit Color (17inch), 30 seconds of life time, and one of the following web browsers installed:

KitCADi3 requires VRML, X3DV, or both viewers when Rendering 3D. KitCADi3 includes support to generate X3DV and VRML file formats for online 3D rendering that is viewed using a 3rd party application interface.

To view VRML files users will require a web browser Plug-In capable of rendering content in 3D. Please download and Install a plugin in this case to view WRL/VRML files; for more information see:

No prompts to download software is included within KitCADi3.

As an example: A WRL file is created for viewing 3D renderings using VRML standards by KitCADi3 when a user presses the render button.
VRML = Virtual Reality Modeling Language; A Web Browser Plug-in file format protocol for drawing 3D within a Web Browser or Web Browser Plug-in on various computer operating systems.

KitCADi3 requires Microsoft's JScript or equivelent JavaScript 1.1/1.2 and above be enabled.
All current Windows PC's are pre-installed with JScript which is a Microsoft version of NetScape's JavaScript engine. Mozilla web browser clients generally use a another providers JavaScript engine (Sun, NetScape, Mozilla), however more and more Mozilla browsers contain a basic Mozilla enabled JavaScript engine by default.

Novice users may wish to install a browser of their choice; where it is advised they then enable JavaScript to allow KitCAD i3 to function correctly.

Java is a program, and JavaScript is a script which calls default program code - both Java and JavaScript are different, and Java may be required by other applications - KitCADi3 requires only JavaScript to work.

Please enable JavaScript for KitCADi3 to work correctly

The script version being run by the web-browser can be found at the following link: Show current version.


Exporting from KitCAD i3 to KitCAD2 KP2

Users can generate and then Save to KP2 file types directly from KitCADi3.
Some users may be able to view the KP2 file as a web page, in which case they are then required to save the web page to their computer. By default both KitCAD2 and KitCADi3 support opening text files as KP2 file types unless marked with the extension of KPD.


Test the function of KitCADi3, example

From the desktop double-click the 'web browser' icon, and enter the site of http://www.kitchenpages.com/KitCADi3/
(Read instructions, and install browser plugin for VRML/X3DV file types - test fails without support for WRL file types - See System requirements and the download site for Cortona. Background is white)
Select the button on the web page displayed using the pointer; Another window will be opened - Select the new_drawing.html file in the lower plane.
Select 'bc2di' on the drop-down combo box (next to the button 'Draw') of the window titled 'KitCAD i3'.
Press the 'DRAW' button once; the OK button 5 times when prompted.
Press the 'RENDER' button once, Two seperate browsers are launched to show text result.
A message will be displayed informing user of status. Select Ok and minimize the 'KitCAD i3' window.
Select the window containing the text of "VRML" on the first line.
Right click in browser window, select "view source", Save the file to your desktop as "test.wrl", with file type set to *.* (all files) for notepad.exe
Launch the "test.wrl" file. Another Browser is started to display the results (process depends on the extension config).
Exit Windows as needed using the 'X' symbol on the title bars.

(this is more complex then the test for KitCAD2v5)


See 3D and 2D browser plugin details and downloads.
See the quick setup Guide for KitCAD2v5 2.27.

Rendered Result

Result of above process, and test

Result of above process, and test.

The resulting rendered view can then be sent onto other users for use with other computer operating systems.


User created files, feed-back, comments or suggestions are always welcome. Please see feedback link for more information.

KitCAD2 users may distribute this software solution under terms disclosed in the license document/s.

KitCAD i3 (tm)(C), © Copyright 2004-2010. Jason Robinson; for Kitchen Pages, KitCAD.com. All rights are reserved.
Please see the General Copyrights and Disclaimers Web page for more formal information.

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