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Help and Information on Machine It or Cutup.exe program.

Text or Cnc ExportingCutUp.exe 2.23 2006 (multi language), 2.23, 2.23, 2.22 beta.

CutUp.exe for Exporting Data or cutting lists to other file types supported by some Cnc File Readers. Script Based export in Ascii Text formats ready for converting.

CutUp.exe (Machine It) takes simple script commands for imput that are matched in a KitCAD drawing file to create the output script for cnc and the like with an example of Drilling Patterns (g-code, cnc path data, etc) that can be exported at the same time.

Cutup.exe supports multi language options, and user programmable interfaces.

Cutup.exe has another part named VolEditor.exe, and is for creating or editing another set of rules in regards to sections, objects, drilling files, or items for sizes XYZ. KitCAD volume scripts VOL allow Cutup.exe to alter lines in the processing of data for output if matched to an KPD object or item while exporting data. A Backup Batch Utility is provided on the server and recomended for users that wish to edit or create their own VOL files types -

While the processing is Automatic the advise of Manual Editing at this stage of data processing shoud be noted. Error Checking, etc. Exported KPD data can then saved with the Save button as the correct file extension like: job123.pts

Current release of cutup.exe works for a cnc beem saw software application that loads the cutup.exe created data and generates a CNC compliant file system. I have included other conversions for examples but they may not run correctly, or at all.

The Drilling Patterns (g-code, cnc path data, etc) supplied with the file type extension of DRI (template for cutup processing) and ASC (found after cutup processing) are demos only. To build dri template files please use your machine provided software to generate DRI/ASC/file-code with correct tool assignments). Change drilling file names from cabendleft.dri or cabendright.dri with the lines of Tag=cabendleft and Tag=cabendright found within the files of b cabinet.vol, f cabinet.vol, and w cabinet.vol

The default conversion used by cutup.exe is cp1.pts as follows for 1 part:

1,12,"[MATERIAL]","","","[CODE]", [WIDTH].00, [HEIGHT].00,0,2,"[NAME]","0 0","",0,0,"----","","", 0.00, 0.00, 0.00,"","","","","","",2,"",""

The value of "[EDGE]" is pre-set to a value of "0 0"; The EDGE value not supported by cutup.exe; result upon conversion as follows:

1,12,"16","","","kicker", 1000.00, 150.00,0,2,"kicker","0 0","",0,0,"----","","", 0.00, 0.00, 0.00,"","","","","","",2,"",""

NOTE : To insure VOL files are run with KP2 and KPD files open a drawing in KitCAD2, and then save it to the c:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCAD\machine\ subdirectory before running Cutup.exe.

This may be reported as a bug but it allows Cutup.exe to process VOL scripts found with a KP2 or KPD file. If KP2 and KPD files are not in the same subdirectory as the VOL files then Volume sizes are reported in a basic item description. Another solution is to store your VOL files with KP2 and KPD files, or have seperate directories for each material construction type needed

Cutup.exe 2.23 (2006) config cutup.inf

The 2006 release patch for cutup is located in the upgrade download. Please note that the default script is 'cp1.pts'.

To access the config cutup.inf file:
Right click on the cutup.exe application interface and select 'Config' from the pop-up context menu.
The file of C:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCAD\machine\cutup.inf allowing users to insert commands for cutup.exe to follow.

NOTICE: users on systems other then Win95/98/NT/2K/XP may see NO or missing data displayed in the Command tab after processing. The problem affects grep commands on some sytems. As a work around change the line of batchfile=cp1.bat to the following batchfile= within the config cutup.inf file; or alter the cp1.bat file as required.
Windows blue screen errors may be caused if the file is being written by batch when cutup.exe attempts a load-in, to extend the wait time ajust the batchreturn=5000 to 10 seconds with batchreturn=10000

Cnc Script Files are Stored in Two parts, as a header, and as a footer or runner. The runner is the file that is created after running a script called by default Text.txt as the original output. A 3rd File is included and not used, it is a backup example only of code and the filenames shown in the dropdown combobox on startup of CutUp.exe depend on these filenames being present. Drilling Scripts are copied from dri file types.

A complete example of the output for one item is kept in the file shown within the dropdown combobox (backup example see machine.inf below). The default filename extension is shown which is an example. The extension of KPS is the first half of the script. The second half of the script is located in the extension of KPM. (Start and Middle), there is no end.
Processing the script allows the KPM or middle part of the script to be looped until the KP2, KPD, or DAT file has reached the end.
A file is then saved to the location in the second edit bar of CutUp.exe, default filename is pre-set to Text.txt

A dxf conversion would be like the following text below created from the example file named a14.dxf in both KPS (Start) and KPM (Middle) file types. This is a simple conversion because both KPS (Start) and KPM (Middle) would be containing the same information.
Upon processing the text values of [DEPTH], [WIDTH], [HEIGHT] = depth 600, width 1000, height 903 as an example setup from KitCAD; this would replace the tags information in the output Text.txt as programmed by the script and the KitCAD Drawing or Object.
The search and replace function is not case sensitive as the text [Width] or [width] is processed as the value of [WIDTH].

NOTE : The order of [WIDTH] then [HEIGHT] is correct while the order of [HEIGHT] then [WIDTH] creates an error; the same as with spaces or blank items in the cnc count. These issues will be resolved. See the machine link.

Processing script names are kept in the file named machine.inf that is loaded when CutUp.exe starts.
The files below are not used by CutUp.exe - Some Example conversions for exporting data have been included as with a backup system for such, and are as follows: note: The default script for cutup.exe 2.23 2006 is cp1.pts
Does the following when processing:
cp1.pts - Start with file of cp1.kps - swap tags found, loop file of cp1.kpm - swap tags found, and save output.
omp.iof - Start with file of iof.kps - swap tags found, loop file of iof.kpm - swap tags found, and save output.
iso.iso - Start with file of iso.kps - swap tags found, loop file of iso.kpm - swap tags found, and save output.
a14.dxf - Start with file of a14.kps - swap tags found, loop file of a14.kpm - swap tags found, and save output.
cvs.asc - Start with file of cvs.kps - swap tags found, loop file of cvs.kpm - swap tags found, and save output.
cvsc.casc - Start with file of cvsc.kps - swap tags found, loop file of cvsc.kpm - swap tags found, and save output.
NOTE : None of the original file examples are used in script processing, only the KPS and KPM file types are processed. The File Processed is a KitCAD Drawing File Type.

Info for Cnc Converters - CutUp.exe (beta 2.20b - tests)

Replace Text = with
[POS] = Line Number of Cnc Item
[COUNT] = Count of Cnc Items
[MATERIAL] = Material Description
[CODE] = Material Code, match in your database!
[WIDTH] = RealWidth
[DEPTH] = RealDepth
[HEIGHT] = RealHeight
[NAME] = Part Name
[RUN] = Process Number of Script

Additional in cutup.exe 2.23 (2006):
[HEIGHTFROM] = RealHeightFrom
[COST] = Cost
[COMMENTS] = Comments

* NOTE : Order may affect the way scripts are processed. (fixing but note 2.23 2006 works best with cp1.pts script)..

Updated 24/5May/2003
Updated 17/4Apr/2006


ini loading for items of the name tag, scan and return script for each item found.
[0] is first item.. etc...

We need to define parts for Cutup.exe in the following items;

KPD, item, AddOns = [NAME].vol


B Cabinet = B Cabinet.vol
Bench Top = Bench Top.vol
Kicker = Kicker.vol
Base Infill = Base Infill.vol

cutup.exe 2.23 (2006)
Door = Door.vol
NULL = Null.vol

Vol file is a Text File, Ini for win32. Example only:
(Material Thickness is not used, cnc uses material names instead, im gona cheat and put 16 in there or remark the entire vol file with 0 for thickness)




tag y = x = (x + xwidth + xdepth + xheight - xheightfrom)
tag x = y = (y + ywidth + ydepth + yheight - yheightfrom)

so for example:

RealHeightFrom = 150
RealHeight = 903
RealWidth = 1000
RealDepth = 600


test y = 967.00 = (-33 + 1000 + 0 + 0 - 0)
test x = 721.00 = (-32 + 0 + 0 + 903 - 150)

Updated 02/6Jun/2003

General stuff

NOTE : Drill file name from the above example would be test.dri and be exported to the KPD directory as test.asc. Use cp1.bat to auto-copy the files of text.txt, and *.asc to your export directories, and run stuff...

NOTE : To insure VOL files are run with KP2 and KPD files open a drawing in KitCAD2, and then save it to the c:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCAD\machine\ subdirectory before running Cutup.exe.

Cutup.exe 2.22, Cutup.exe 2.23, and above support KP2 file types.

Cutup.exe 2.23 2006 include the same support for KP2 file types; Ajust the file config cutup.inf as described above for best results.

Any updated examples and workings on CutUp.exe script files for times between major updates are kept at the Backup / Advanced User Server - tools/machine subdirectory via the following Link or in the machine.exe update at

If needed, and to remove any errors or lines without manualy editing input or output scripts; a user is advised to run a program like Grep configured by their administrator. Administrators and Advanced Users that install the Compactor for KitCAD file types may like to add the either of the following lines to their C:\AutoExec.bat file as follows:
SET GREP=C:\Progra~1\Kitchen\KitCAD\machine\grep.exe
The line below may enable access to VOL files from out side of the directory by some programs:
SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\Progra~1\Kitchen\KitCAD\machine\

Other basic KitCAD2 EMF/CNC/BDE/DXF/IDE conversions methods are included, if needed.

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