Planned Server Software Upgrades

A planned server wide software upgrade is on the cards, and if its not done by June 2008 then an automated system will push a part upgrade which could break current web services. 🙁

Server Software which will be upgraded is as follows:

  • PHP 4.7.1 => PHP 5.x.x
  • Pear 1.7.x => Pear 1.7.x
  • Zend Engine 1 => Zend Engine 2.1
  • WordPress 2.1 => WordPress 2.3.x
  • MediaWiki 1.6.9 => MediaWiki 1.11.x
  • MySQL 4.1.21 => MySQL 5.x.x

The process may take a week or more (see comments), and some sections of the web server will be reverted into maintenance mode pages upon err until resolved. The upgrade process will start this weekend from friday (7th-8th March – when all backups are re-aquired, and includes over 500 Meg of databases with less than 1% data, a massive house cleaning mess, etc)

Some KitCAD i3 functions may be affected during the planned upgrades; OOo SXD compression requires PHP Pear, and OpenID logins require OpenIDEnabled PHP scripts. Both these functions are expected to work with a PHP5 enabled web server. The very good news is that a 3D solution could be included with KitCADi3 sooner rather than later.

With the upgrades being completed; Administrators installing KitCADi3 will no longer be confronted with tested working PHP4 scripts and PHP5 installers (most WAMP/Easy/XX all-in-one server packages are now pre-bundled with PHP5 setups).

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