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The software product that's available to download for MS Windows operating systems from this web site is named KitCAD and it can be used online or off-line. The software product of KitCAD i3 operates accross most operating systems that support standards compliant Internet web browsing clients.

The topography and design of KitCAD allows users to configure files with the use of external software in a number of ways; using 2D designs, and creating Photo realistic 3D renderings, or both depending on end uses - With the additional power of technologies from Search Engines to News Data Syndication and many more allows KitCAD users to do more with more.  The topography of KitCAD also means that it aquires more updates then most other softwares from external providers making KitCAD the most Productive software in todays market.

Kitchen Pages supplies the required updates and patches for the KitCAD software that can be downloaded online.  KitCAD is supported by Very Kind Donators, Paid registered users, and other people that supply software or funds to make this application better for you to use. To configure KitCAD will require some computer experiance.  However, there is no cost to aquire or use the KitCAD software apart from ISP, mail, or download costs.  In-turn you may do the same by giving $1 or more for any of the following :- Donate continued support and downloads to Kitchen Pages, KitCAD website; Or Donate to a local societie for making our world better (RC, WFP, WSPA, WWF, and many more); Or simply supply approved and updated softwares that can be added into the 'KitCAD' website and software for exporting to new users (free advertisment).

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* DENOTES: There will be no Version 4; the link provided above is for a MIRC script demo.


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