KitCAD 2.2# ActiveX HTML bugs

Many scripting bugs caused the Active-X page to fail for the KitCAD 2.2# OCX example.

Bugs were corrected and tested for the IE version (no tests were performed for the MZ/NS versions)

2 Responses to “KitCAD 2.2# ActiveX HTML bugs”

  1. Admin Says:

    FAILED Test on XP… (BCB files were also missing, will retry at a later date)


  2. Admin Says:

    Installed KitCAD2F
    Installed Updates
    Installed KitCAD2 v5
    Installed LibSys

    Visited the OCX example page with XP & IE 7; Installed the KitCAD Demo Active X control (after it locked the webbrowser for about 5 minutes during the download/install process – on 56k dialup; Also could explain the failed test result above).

    Because the KitCAD Demo OCX codebase file is not signed, and the Security settings prevent un-signed content to boot unless changed. The quickest way is to add ‘’ as a Trusted site, and adjust the Trusted site zone protection level to a very low setting (also Enable Active Content, Enable Un-signed Content, etc). Then close all IE Browsers, and re-open one to the KitCAD Demo OCX page (where the Active X will now download/run).

    Tested KitCAD Demo OCX and found no major problems… πŸ™‚