Deleting mirror host at

The mirror host at will no longer be active after September, 2009 (after no letter). Another host will be sort to replace the service after it ends. Web Links to will not work as expected. 🙁

Important Notice regarding your BigPond WebHosting service
In recent weeks you may have received a letter detailing our plans for upgrading our WebHosting products.
From 30 September 2009, our Personal Homepage, Personal Website and WebStart applications will no longer be available. Our records indicate that you may have a website hosted on one of these applications.
What this means
You’ll continue to maintain full access to any sites you’ve created using these services until 30 September 2009. After this date, all content on these sites will no longer be available.
If you want to retain any website content, you should take one of the following actions:
Move your website content to one of our WebHosting Plans. To find out more and sign up click here
Move your website content to BigBlog. To find out more and sign up click here
Archive your site – Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Click here for further information in our FAQs
If you do not wish to retain any web site content, no further action is necessary. All content will be deleted after 30 September 2009.
For more information on changes to these WebHosting services click here for our FAQs.
Kind Regards,
The BigPond Team

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