KitCAD 2.27v5 iupdate.exe upgrade tests

Released v5iupdate.php for testing with previous versions of KitCAD 2; and iupdate.exe.

The new v5iupdate.php file archiver is to replace the static archive system that iupdate.exe uses to aquire new archived/non-archived object items for KitCAD1/2 library systems.  v5iupdate.php only includes support for the Zip archive method of exporting KitCAD KPD object items.

The source code for v5iupdate.php and i3iupdate.php will be released at a later date (included with KitCAD i3 KGC Libsys).

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  1. Admin Says:

    Made corrections of \n or \r into \r\n. Also corrected KitCAD i3 KGC, see bug fix.