Decroative Surfaces in kitchens or bathrooms?

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry materials are constructed for modern building standards, costs, colours, and to the requirements of the renovator.

This document deals with the various decroative surfaces and material affects that can be used in kitchen, cabinet, carcasses, cupboards, kickers, bulkheads, and bench-tops. This is a story that has been written for the KitchenPages. If any offensive meaning is made to you, or taken by you the reader, it is suggested you exit this document that has offended you.

In many areas of the world kitchen and bathroom cabinets are constructed from various materials - the materials used affect the overall appearance of the room. In many cultures solid timbers or panneled products for external viewing are used in domestic kitchen and bathroom construction while others are coloured or white with doors and are used for storage of non-display items.

Display items are generaly shown behind glass panels incorporated into doors, or placed on open shelving. The material of the internal cabinet is the same as the kitchen panels. Non-display items include chemical containers, cutterley, and other objects.

The kickers and bulkheads should reflect the appearance of the room - Older style kitchen cabinets look nicer with decorated mould routed bulk-heads from the same material as the doors. More moderen kitchen cabinets and bathrooms achive a 'cleaner' look, that in some cases will require more cleaning maintenance.

The surfaces or display area can incorperate coloured lighting afftects, coloured tiling, to highlight the area for people entering and using the room. Use of natural light, and environmental conditions will affect most decroative surfaces depending on end uses. Bathrooms and Kitchens include decroative surfaces that must be - like any other - cared for as the maintenance, or a lack of - affects the decroative colouring over the materials lifetime.

General use, temperature, Sun-light, and other environmental conditions will affect the colours in decroative materials, of which these include benchtops, doors, kickers, bukl-heads, and cupboard carcases.

Some decroative materials found in Kitchen cabinets or bathroom cupboards include: Corian, Plastics, Papers, Woods, Glass, and many other materials. Some materials used in the construcation of board, tiles, walls, floors, etc can also be used to create a desired affect or look for the room or items within the room.


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