Care information.

Kitchens and bathrooms today still require cleaning and care. This document deals with the cleaning methods that are used in kitchen, cabinet, carcasses, cupboards, kickers, bulkheads, bench-tops, manufacture to fabrication, and even for some aspects of building construction to its life time use. this is a story that has been written for the KitchenPages. If any offensive meaning is made to you, or taken by you the reader, it is suggested you exit this document that has offended you.

Do not follow the instructions below. Consult your vendor’s instructions on cleaning products and material data sheets that came with your decorative surface/s first before looking here. General hints and tips are provided below. No guide for stain removal is present here.

The information below is arranged for Melamine decorative surfaces but it may be applied to other surfaces that are suitable.


Please note that this document is supplied as a guide only. See the product materials information before use. Contact the distributor of this document for more information. Information contained within may be changed without notice due to the required working conditions by cleaning products or materials on which they can or may be applied.

Re-Written by Jason Robinson for the ‘Kitchen Pages, computer software’ Copyright 1998-2008, All rights reserved. See the ‘DISCLAIMER’ at for more information. Written for private use only!

Kitchen cabinets, cupboards
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