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Navigation Icons for KitCAD i3

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Icons KitCAD i3 2010

Remade the navigation Icons used for KitCAD i3 to use a transparent colour (clWhite). Added a manual download method at

The new Icons will be included in KitCAD i3 upgrades after 15th March 2010.

KitCAD 2 Re-released

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The KitCAD 2.27 re-release of 2010 has now been published online along with updated web pages for the new installer process.

The Installer is now a single-install process that is able to manage the install, changes, or removing of KitCAD and KitCAD add-ons.

Included with the re-release 2010 Installer download is KitCAD 1, KitCAD 2.25 2006 with all updates, KitCAD 2.27 v5, 2006 Library Systems, KitCAD 2007 Add-Ons, ClipEd, Shapes, Rpt setup, BDE setup, Object wizards, multi-Lang, Scada/HMIC, and the KitCAD i3 online browser interface.