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KP2->i3KGC conversions

Monday, January 1st, 2007

KGraphicControl BPL

The data used in KitCAD 1.19 has been included in a windows subsystem component called KPGraphicControl, or KP.Bpl that is used for KitCAD2.exe, and KitCAD2v5.exe

The BCB ISO C++ code used create the Kp.Bpl file component (GNU licence) can be re-formatted into ECMA (Edition 3) compatible JavaScript code to run with ‘Ie’ or ‘Ff’ compatible web browsers; Examples and bug list below. See the web page writers help for information on use, and links to free Javascript downloads.


Monday, January 1st, 2007

There are NO current updates to the KitCAD2G*.zip 2010 re-release.

The KitCAD2G*.zip download is a single-installer 2010 re-release that includes all previous 2006 KitCAD2F files, KitCAD2F update files 2007-2009 not included in downloads, Kpdrup patch, KitCAD2v5, LibSys, ClipEd, and the KitCAD i3 online interface. See the KitCAD i3 home page for any past or future update downloads to KitCAD2G*.zip Installs.

To change which KitCAD 2.27 features (add-ons) are installed or removed see the KitCAD InstallAware Maintenance guide.

Any previous versions of KitCAD installers, patchs, and updates must be
Un-Installed before installing KitCAD with the KitCAD2G*.zip 2010 re-release.

NOTE: if required; See un-install and error message help .

Na – md5 = 96F8B4821249F74105F3F792649AEE85 (2006) – Included with KitCAD2G*.zip above… see Past Updates for history.

eof (revised post 7th February 2010)