KitCAD i3 KGC r3 Toolbar
The drop-down-menu on the toolbar is used to select a Object Item for drawing onto plan,
current selection shown is for a Object Item titled bc2di.
New - new plan or opens a KP2 file
Draw - Starts process for drawing the selected Object Item to plan
Edit - Edits a numbered Object Item that has been drawn to plan
Save - Saves a KP2 file
Print - Starts screen capture process for output device
Quote - Displays a Price
Render - Displays a View

The EDIT button will display the prompt allowing the user to ID the a Object Item from 0 to 50.
The DRAW button will display the prompt allowing the user to ID the intended placement from 0 to 50 of a selected Object Item.
The ID of the placement matchs the ordering of layers.
As an example; The Object Item location of 0 will be hidden behind the Object Location of 1.

Object Editor
The Object Editor has data entry for the following:
Name - Each Name on a plan drawing MUST be unique, as example; Selection + ID = bc2di0
Top - 0 is the default top locaiton in pixels
Left - 0 is the default left location in pixels
FileName - Selected Object Item file name
Rotation - 0 is the default roation, 0 to 360 degrees
Width - 1000 is the default for width, in millimetres
Depth - 600 is the default for depth, in millimetres
Height - 0 is the default for Height, in millimetres
HeightFrom - 0 is the default Height from ground (RL), in millimetres

Move - Closes Object Editor and starts movement of selected Object Item
Delete - Deletes selected Object Item and Closes Object Editor
Apply - Processes all changes and updates selected Object Item
Close - Closes Object Editor

Message Box
The splash screen is also the message dialog for KitCAD i3 KGC r3.
After opening a KP2 file or starting a drawing, the title text of the message when clicked will allow the user to move the message to a new screen location.
The X in the upper left hand corner will close the message dialog. Moving over the X while using a signed-in Account will show Sharing Icons for stored output
Sharing icons (above) are shown for signed-in account users to Share stored output on other services.
The >> link allows signed-in account users to open the stored output in a new webpage Browser window.

Extra Information

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