KitCAD i3 FOEI Javascript editor

Interface and Help Document

Javascript Editor Interface

Supports KitCAD 2 v5, & KitCAD i3 KGC

Javascript Editor (Function) Interface description

The main user FOEI Javascript Editor interface as a whole is comprised of 3 sections, each as follows:

[] The first section (from top) displays tool buttons

Selecting a button in this section will perform a selected operation

The New Script button provides a New Script (for persona's of An8, Quote, Vrml, Su).
The Load Script button allows for known-function Script loading.
The Save Script button writes current Script to user selected file.

[] The second section displays a function by known-function name, with any data

The basic Textarea provides a limited GUI webpage control to allow editing, cut, copy, and paste of code

The basic Textarea is the default interface for online viewing.

The third section by default contains non-visible code to create a webpage scripting editor interface

The EditArea code editing interface is used to overlay the basic Textarea (above) and provide a richer GUI editing and navigation experiance.
The function code syntax is displayed using coloured markup, and other display options including line or code high-lighting (small text only).

The Toggle editor checkbox provides option to revert back and display the basic Textarea (above).



JavaScript Editor Interface user notes

Only ONE function code block is opened by the JavaScript Editor Interface, all other file content outside of the Known-function is removed on file load. Saving the loaded file will cause loss of other functions, code, and text which may exist outside of the Known-function.

Only Known-function names and files that comply with KitCAD i3 KGC syntax are supported. All unknown-functions and unknown-files are named unknown by default.

The untitled.js filename is applied to all files on save, unless altered by user when saving.

To Save requires the Javascript Editor Interface to be viewed from within the KitCADi3ie5.exe computer software application; With Internet Explorer as the default webbrowser control.

EditArea Interface user notes


The EditArea code editor is a software project Developped by Christophe Dolivet 2007-2010, and is released inclusive of notice for LGPL, Apache and BSD licenses.

The EditArea code editor, source downloads, and information can be found at the websites of
   http://sourceforge.net/projects/editarea, and

EditArea Interface Keyboard Shortcuts

Tab: Add tabulation to text
Shift+Tab: Remove tabulation
Ctrl+f: Search next / Open search
Ctrl+r: Replace / Open search
Ctrl+h: Toggle syntax highlight
Ctrl+g: Goto line
Ctrl+z: Undo
Ctrl+y: Redo
Ctrl+e: About
Ctrl+q, Esc: Close popup
Accesskey E: Toggle editor