System and Server maintenance notice

September 29th, 2016

Before 30th September 2016 – All online versions of KitCAD i3 KGC r3, KitCAD i3 KGC r5/r50, and KitCAD i3 KGC rX could fail to display uploaded KP2 files. The online versions of KitCAD i3 KGC were not effected and continue to operate as expected (get.cgi may not be permitted to obtain external web sites). Online versions after the 30th September 2016 will display uploaded KP2 files 🙂

The hosting provider has made changes (perhaps not of its own doing).
A change made by the hosting provider is to disable HTTPS access (again) and until more is known a record of change may be located at HTTPS / SSL Proxy Service/s release and update notices.

More information about the issue is being sort – and the hosting provider has been working on solving the issue for 2 days (before this posting). In other threads this problem however seems to of existed since March. It has been determined to resolve any issues by manually editing exiting or writing new coding solutions where required.

The current status of issues can be monitored at

Developer and Administration details may be viewed within the comment/s of this posting.

rX Hashtag Command prompt

June 18th, 2016

Hashtag Command
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KitCAD i3 KGC rX {release notice} supports HashTag commands when entered into the Web Browser Address bar as a hash fragment identifier. All HashTag commands are in English to match javascript values.

At this time – There will be no support included for multi-language Hashtag command/s until a future update for the language support files is provided. Other character sets should be translated into English HashTag command equivalent when required. This post may be altered to suit any changes at a later date.

The help page for the supported Address bar Hash fragment Hashtag commands has been uploaded and is included within the help system of KitCAD i3 KGC rX (online).

HTTPS / SSL Proxy Service/s (enabled)

May 30th, 2016

Before and After Proxy
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Enabled basic proxy services for HTTPS / SSL protocol; All/Shared access to the Network Solutions Web site domain of and its service which supported HTTPS / SSL protocol usage has been disabled and discontinued by the web hosting provider. A suitable solution and replacement that is non-Shared can be located via{sitename} and will be enabled for public use of Kitchen Pages computer software Web site/s where required. The indirect external-looking-inward simple http-proxy is provided by htaccess rewrite within each {sitename} sub-directory (hint: two separate rewrites, one with %2 for cgi filenames and the other of $1 for everything else and both using stuff like [R=303,P,L] to force it) that in the case of being unsuccessful will access a php gateway initially designed for use by the Kitchen Page web page management interface (allowing access to actual files) but also serves as a Name-Server for resolving domain names and error catcher. When compared with the former disabled and discontinued service/s – the prefix of 00481d1 will assist the security for End-users by being a unique identifier of a subdomain (other hosted Web sites do have their own prefix).

While HTTPS is supported by all domain names, the certificate provided at this time does NOT match the site name (a practice which is outside of SEO best practices). The issue will cause site programming and client scripting to fail or become unstable producing unwanted or unknown errors. Therefore the ability of End-users/clients to use HTTPS with non-matching certificates will be discontinued at the next planned server/service upgrade – requests will be resolved by the correct site supplied service (HTTPS / SSL protocol proxy supplied Web site page if enabled – however if not enabled then the request will be redirected to be resolved by using the default standard of HTTP).

HTTPS / SSL protocol proxy supplied Web site page – Certificate Information :

GeoTrust Inc.
Connection Encrypted (TLS EDHSE RSA WITH AES 256 CBC SHA, 256 bit keys, TLS 1.2)
Uses: SSL Client Certificate, SSL Server Certificate.
Begins On Monday, 28 December 2015.
Expres On Saturday, 30 December 2017.
Serial Number 09:3D:4D
SHA-256 Fingerprint 90:E9:1A:94:EA:AC:BD:E8:54:CC:F9:65:27:EF:16:AA:
SHA1 Fingerprint: 0A:E5:03:0C:C3:0F:11:FA:37:1E:A4:9D:A6:16:E6:F9:1B:03:A7:19
Country: US