Wfypaawhtft site security upgrades

Security issues on the webserver host have affected some webpages of this site during April 2010.
FTP services for this site on the 12th of April were affected – and have remained denigrated due to a high level of activity on this site web server host.
On the 24th of April, 2010 at 02:33 (delivered for the weekend) a version of an exploit had affected pages which were redirected to an unmaintained malware attack server 🙁

By the 24th of April, 2010 at 16:29 the affected pages have been restored from backup files; And files on the site have been tested for malware infections but none were found 🙂
Minor Issues found from the affected pages has led to a paranoid level of upgraded security for PHP content management systems used by this site.
Downloads and other functions of the site, or its host have not been affected but will remain under consistent re-testing.

A very special note of THANKS must go to Google, Microsoft, Opera, and Firefox development teams for the security enhancements which in this case prevented distribution of affected pages

More information :- (wfypaawhtft) Addresses the issue (ATI) Hosting Issues notice for April 2010 (HI)

wfypaawhtft = “We feel your pain and are working hard to fix this”

Users with Active X enabled web browsers that download from untrusted sites, or Novice Users of this site are advised to scan for security issues: (RECOMMENDED) and also acquire removal tools from

3 Responses to “Wfypaawhtft site security upgrades”

  1. Admin Says:

    On the 24th April 2010 at 5:55am this blog was re-loaded.

  2. Admin Says:

    The php mail() command isn’t sending code-key emails. See Server Status for information.

  3. Admin Says:

    Site FTP is back and working 100%