Updated KitCAD i3 got.cgi

Updated KitCAD i3 Objects got.cgi for getting stored LibSys (ImgSys) graphics.

See LibSys Update; got.cgi Or detailed help for got.cgi

Enable user image graphics by opening KitCAD i3, Sign-in, and start a new drawing; Then select Options. The Color Style Options should be updated to ‘Current’, ‘Pink-User’, and ‘Timber-User’.

Testing further before making final changes to KitCAD i3 graphics path information 🙂

3 Responses to “Updated KitCAD i3 got.cgi”

  1. Admin Says:

    Tested Ok with vrml and new url’s

  2. Admin Says:

    Updated KitCAD i3 online to use ImgSys graphics

    Fixed BUG (in linux versions) with kitcadi3_pref.cgi using /r or /n in javascript output.

    To revert and use old graphics URL; simply reopen KP2 file with W32 2.27, i3 TEST, or i3 XAMPP versions.
    Or; Sign-up for another account (pref’s for new accounts have the old URL by default).

    In another upgrade at a later date the revert functions will be added to the i3 Clip Art Editor for using old graphic URL’s of pink and timber.

  3. Admin Says:

    Updated and tested KitCAD i3 offline/online to use Ruby Script and Anim8or file formats.