System and Server maintenance notice

During the System and Server maintenance staring in April 2013 – All current IPv4 addresses for domains/hosts are being added to one IPv6 host using AAAA records (converted from IPv4 addresses). Any domains that require services like Email will also have a PTR record added.

Where possible – 2 secondary NS record to another network will be added, along with 1 or 2 secondary A record IP address (3 NIC’s). Domains that have a secondary network added may experience a short limited downtime or connection timeout (not lasting more then 48 hours).

Testing will be done on a per-domain basis, after each change testing will be performed.

Comments will be posted to mark progress and when the System maintenance has been completed (end of April?).

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  1. Admin Says:

    A single domain without email or other services has been updated to use a IPv6 address; other changes will be applied Server and System wide after propagation, and testing. Changes to all domains at a later date will take about 3 hours to complete depending on internet speeds (calculated from time it took to change a single domain). In the code below ~all is used (open).

    • Gathered DNS and Name server Host information for all domains hosted
    • Uploaded first trial of DNS changes to test (+2 minutes) :-
      2 A records = 3rd A record found = 1 A record may be incorrect ?!?
      4 IPv4 NS = Warn: 2 SOA records (2 Different Edit Integers)
      1 IPv6 AAAA = Warn: should be more than IPv6 NS
      1 TXT SPF = v=spf1 mx ~all
    • waiting +48hrs for DNS propagation (72hrs Max)
  2. Admin Says:

    Currently testing first trial of DNS changes.

  3. Admin Says:

    Tested Changes – no errors were detected.

    Uploaded IPv6 and NS DNS changes for 4 other domains (with revision to A records).

    Found 1 minor bug with 1 unused domain; caused by missing code in PHP script to allow access; [to do].

    Web Host is responding with timeout messages for PING requests.

    Waiting to test Changes 48Hours (+72 Hours max)

  4. Admin Says:

    Tested Changes

    Started to uploaded IPv6 and NS DNS changes for the KitCAD and Kitchen Pages domains. A swap of NS servers was performed to allow DNS management.

    Waiting to test and apply corrections for Changes 72Hours (3 days)

  5. Admin Says:

    Tested and retested Changes.

    Fixing minor bugs and reviewing Changes made so far. Other domains may or may not be updated to IPv6 and DNS management at this time if under development/construction. Domains that have been subjected to NS/DNS changes can now resolve addresses faster and include longer time to live values.

    While performing changes – a second Adapter IP address was recorded; At a later date if still valid, the A record for the second Adapters IP address may be added while reviewing other A records.

  6. Admin Says:

    Testing possible secondary IPv6 DNS use with 2 domains (currently).

    waiting +48hrs for DNS propagation (72hrs Max)

  7. Admin Says:

    Testing finished!

    Whois addresses have been reverted to use IPv4 addresses until a later date. The AAAA records for all domains have been deleted.

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