New 3D ads for KitCAD

The “3D ads for KitCAD” found at now includes a very basic Navigation function to rotate and pan Object Items (Example).

Three ads with basic Navigation function are currently being displayed at:

  • Ie (standard script, VML)
  • Ie (gz compressed script, VML)
  • Ff (gz compressed script, XHTML, SVG)

Note: Opera9+ and Netscape7+ browsers are not supported at this time; The above example ads will redirect to a URI without the “_i3” text.

2 Responses to “New 3D ads for KitCAD”

  1. Admin Says:

    Corrected small problems (caused by reuse of old example code with little editing).

    Added extra overrides for all “_gz” ads of: var cheeze=”.gz”; var cheezebait=”.gz”;

    Added extra override for “.xhtml” ads of only: var cheezebait=”.gz”;

    While js+gz loading was enabled, the override makes sure js+gz loading is enabled..

    Note: Netscape7.0 uses the non gz-compressed version of DHTML js for ads that is generated by the older kgc_exploit.js (kgc_exploit.js.gz) script files. This bug may be corrected at a later date (kgc_exploit.js and kgc_exploit.js.gz examples are NOT updated to use current KitCADi3 KGC boot methods).

  2. Admin Says:

    Upgraded the _i3. ads to new JSON edtions.. Not tested on all systems.

    Ie5 (standard script, VML, JSON array)
    Ie6 (gz compressed script, VML, JSON array)
    Ff (gz compressed script, XHTML, SVG, JSON array)

    Just for fun a mobi development may be found at
    MOBI (gz compressed script, XHTML, SVG, JSON array)