KP2->i3KGC conversions

KGraphicControl BPL

The data used in KitCAD 1.19 has been included in a windows subsystem component called KPGraphicControl, or KP.Bpl that is used for KitCAD2.exe, and KitCAD2v5.exe

The BCB ISO C++ code used create the Kp.Bpl file component (GNU licence) can be re-formatted into ECMA (Edition 3) compatible JavaScript code to run with ‘Ie’ or ‘Ff’ compatible web browsers; Examples and bug list below. See the web page writers help for information on use, and links to free Javascript downloads.

10 Responses to “KP2->i3KGC conversions”

  1. Admin Says:

    The JavaScript/s used may not work 100% – some bugs listed at : i3 KGC help and example/s.

  2. Jason Says:

    The next version of KitCADi3 has the KGC control in use;
    View Firefox SVG test or Internet Explorer VML test pages for demo use.
    No Opera or Netscape tests (may include SVG, Canvas, or CSS) are avaiable at this time.

    The demo page has a IFRAME version of the control.

  3. Jason Says:

    In testing the KGC control deployment a ‘player’ test was developed; And may be found at Script Array play-thing (Internet Explorer VML).

    The ‘player’ test only works only with Internet Explorer VML.

  4. Jason Says:

    Added HTML WPF/E support to KGC with option of: wpfe00
    Example change the lines like ‘Canvas.vml10();‘ to ‘Canvas.wpfe00();‘. (remove any other vml formatting if used).

    See WPF/E KitCAD225_KGraphicControl example for the XAML type script with WPF/E Active-X Object support. (WPF/E example has no tmp export at this time – beta test)

    Tested demo code updates for KGC on XP(sp2) using plugin of MS WPF/E FEB 2007; via Internet Explorer 7, and Firefox (No MAC test)

  5. Admin Says:

    Updated KitCAD225_kgc_exploit_makearray.htm to support JSON code..
    See the Make Array Example for more inforamtion.

  6. Admin Says:

    Upgraded KGC to generate Standards compliant SVG and other DOM output See kgc script upgrade notice for further information.

  7. Admin Says:

    Updated to support IE8 webbrowers by editing the examples and adding the line of <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=7″>

  8. Admin Says:

    Uploaded first test case for JavaScript Run-time optimizer & DOM Store with an example of required changes to just one KitCAD i3 KGC function.

    See jsappcatche.js release page for more details and link to example test case; KitCAD225_kgc_exploit_function_catche.htm

  9. Admin Says:

    Uploaded i3 Library System update example – which will remove the need of waiting when downloading Object Items/Scripts/Images from a library. The library can be compressed and sent via a IFrame or AJAX and other methods upon a client load request.

    The default library size is too large but after compression (1 pass) the size was reduced by 50%, on average with no user entered information being lost or altered. Test and Beta versions will be titled ‘kpx’ while finished/later versions may/will be titled ‘KPX’.

    See KGC rX kpx example (JavaScript version) for more information. A limited php version to convert the entire default library system does exist offline for development use only; A php version has not been uploaded to the online server for public use – at this time.

    Initial release and Updates:
    18th October, 2013 – KGC rX kpx example (JavaScript version)
    26th October, 2013 – Uploaded i3 Library System update (default, alpha version)
    26th October, 2013 – Uploaded public release for testing KGC rX kpx formatted text with example
    24th November, 2013 – Made public release example corrections and minor updates while retesting online
    29th December, 2013 – Recoded get.cgi Perl into JS code for functions of W,D,H,F,w,d,h,f with additional helper sub function of ‘mathstime’; Updated and corrected bugs for public release example.
    9th March, 2014 – KitCAD i3 KGC rX KPX interface testing details/release notice, see blog post for more information/updates {note: using ‘KPX’, and not ‘kpx’}.
    21st March, 2014 – Corrected KPD_ output example error; changed LineColor to be _L
    23rd March, 2014 – KitCAD i3 KGC rX KPX interface drawing test completed

  10. Admin Says:

    End of product support notice – see notice for more information.