The next version of KitCAD i3 KGC will include file open

The next version of KitCAD i3 titled KitCAD i3 KGC will include a function to open KP2 files from a users desktop or online.

The updated Save function will now only support KitCAD i3 KGC output of KP2 file types.

Updated Exports of VML 1.0 and SVG 1.0 will no longer require JavaScript files as KitCAD i3 KGC includes support for automatic code generation. WPF/E support will be added after release.  Exports of Quotes, PDF, VRML and X3DV will still require JavaScript files (adds to ease of making complex output)

A delete button is now included on the Object Editor to remove unwanted Objects from the plan.

Other functions and options will be added after the KitCAD i3 KGC release date.

2 Responses to “The next version of KitCAD i3 KGC will include file open”

  1. Admin Says:

    Several changes to the CGI scripts are expected. The CSS/DHTML upload version that was exported to KitCAD2.27v5 users as kp2html.exe in 2006 with upload support will no longer function correctly after the upgrade to KitCADi3 KGC is completed.

  2. Admin Says:

    The beta code base of “WPF/e xaml” (aka Feb 2007 CTP) now has a trademark name of Silverlight, see or for more technical details visit the Silverlight ‘whats new page’ at 🙂

    KitCADi3 KGC includes basic support for WPF/e xaml conversions (but not on MAC with safari).

    The all seeing – all doing; msdn active-x javascript named aghost.js is not supported at this time. Object Elements and Javascript are generated using the /TObjects/TPersistant/Canvas.js KGC script. The KitCADi3 converter at /wpfe01/_i3_wpfe.htm includes the template xaml script and Object Element/s.