KitCADi3 UpGrade – 21st April 2007

The KitCADi3 web pages will be Upgraded to KitCADi3 KGC on the 21st April 2007.

Some functions may be affected during the upgrade, and export options may not work correctly for a week after upgrading.  Alot of work has been done to take advantage of newier softwares (things like firefox having SVG and Canvas support have helped).

While never perfect – the UpGraded version will then be updated to support some of the existing functions (as found in current version before  – like image use)

Exporting options of KP2, VML, and SVG have all been pre-updated to the point where support Javascript files for each KitCAD Object Item are no longer required (These files were required with non-KGC versions of KitCADi3).. Rotated Object Item image gif/jpeg files are not required with the upgraded version but a scalable photo or image can be used in the foei window (remove the rotation number from the image file name).

The KitCAD 2.27 and i3 search functions have already been updated to support the UpGrade.

Two of the four currently supported browser clients will not work correcly with the UpGraded version (affecting Opera and Netscape users) – however correcting the bugs affecting Opera and Netscape browser clients may take a while. As soon as a bug can be located an attempt will be made to fix it.

It is expected the bulk of the Upgrade will take an hour (or perhaps two hours). 

KGC = KGraphicControl.js

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  1. Admin Says:

    Things to expect during and after the second week of updates to the UpGraded version of KitCADi3 (just a list of things that may be fixed if possible):

    * correct BUGS in WC 300 deep object items being set to 600mm!
    * web form prompt dialogs matching scrollbar position
    * new object items being drawn in visiabe scrollable area
    * thread or single streamed scripting option (Single by default)
    * error messages for topbar page errors – like wait, loading..
    * error reset for bottom page errors – fixing missing move/edit gifs
    * hide div or change z-index’s to allow svg ff pointer click selection
    * revisit wpfe silverlight sdk and finish export script
    * correct kgc compact and gz load up bugs
    * look at adding other data export options/interfaces
    * update web help, licenses, etc…..
    * update download/s…

  2. Admin Says:

    Added option for user accounts.

    The default account is: 81519201192038514161751931513-72151920
    Pass: guest

    Other updates apply from this change, and modifications will be made over time to output and input files.

  3. Admin Says:

    Speed load times = Planned Update of UpGraded KitCAD i3 KGC during week 3 with corrections to KGaphicControl.js script write commands to include option for .gz loading.

    Fix the lines of if(!cheeze) to be more like if(cheeze==”.gz”)

    Corrections and base href changes will also be made to the current 3D Ads shown on Kitchen Pages web sites if needed.

    KitCAD i3 is using the build version when it should be using the “compact” version or the .gz “compressed” version.

    After, resume corrections and updates as described on the 27th April (see above this blog entry)..

  4. Admin Says:

    Added more support for SSL Secure Socket Layer protocol to KitCAD i3 KGC and export windows.

    There will be bugs when using SSL https://; or pop-up security notices when running http:// content from SSL pages. (http is the prefered protocol by default)

    Please note that running SSL by default in most browsers will cause catche or SSL encripted pages not to be saved – thus increasing download bandwidth requirements.

  5. Admin Says:

    Revisited the wpfe10 subfolder and updated to support Silverlight beta 1.0 (version 0.9.0 aka was aghost.js now silverlight.js)

    KGraphicControl Canvas functions now includes support with an additional option of wpfe10();

    Please note that these changes have not been tested with Silverlight beta 1.0 (12th May) as I need to geographicly revisit an Silverlight compliant system for testing.. 🙂

  6. Admin Says:

    Added very limited support for RIGHT CLICKS to KitCAD i3 KGC

    A ‘Problem’ exists with document.oncontextmenu = false; when using right clicks to select the VML or SVG elements. The problem is that the ‘Text-Selection’ menu can be shown instead, the oncontextmenu is hidden. 🙁

    A fix may be found at a later date. The work-around is to use the default LEFT CLICK method to select elements.

    Some browsers may also block the attempted JavaScripted menus or throw at document.oncontextmenu = false;

  7. Admin Says:

    The Right Mouse click option required several updates where changes to KGC were performed (TCanvas). The SVG and VML should now use onmousedown as required by new_drawing.*html

  8. Admin Says:

    Added support for Opera 9.2 build 8776 web browser to KitCAD i3 KGC 🙂 Also re-Tested with Internet Explorer 7, and Firefox 2.

    Added rendering export option and support for html 5 canvas element to KitCAD i3 KGC

    An attempt and more tests to re-enable the DHTML solution for Netscape (and use with Opera) may occur some time next week? 2nd or 3rd June 07 ?…

    NOTE: pop-up blockers may cause Internet Explorer 7 to refresh the KitCAD i3 page which clears ALL user entered content; to aviod information loss enable pop-ups for the site of

    A script solution will be added to KitCADi3 some time in the future and would (1)to attempt a pop-up dialog, and set a timeout (2)dialog would set self.opener.parent.somevalue and close. (3)on timeout if no dialog is shown then display an error.

  9. Admin Says:

    The two updates were performed as described above (31st,05,2007).

    The DHTML option may be enabled within other browsers at a later date (to track this option a cookie would be needed :(. Currently the DHTML option is for tests only (as Canvas in Opera has some bugs with drawing rotated object items and sending the DomObject to an off screen/page pos)

    A test pop-up dialog solution was enabled but, well.. I dislike the yellowed warning bar on the start screen. The popup window test therefor is Disabled by default.

  10. Admin Says:

    The next planned major update is to enable Shapes. The KPT file reads with KGC javascript while being online are DISABLED.. Currently KPT files are only supported by the KGC javascript when loading files from the local hard disk. (from past experiance a 404 takes ages and error support code was needed for online operations but could be avoided with the use of CGI/PHP/SvrScripts to return a default shape or ‘no file message’ when required – a non scripted 404 page solution will be provided first).

    The amount of transactions becomes a point of interest, with little differance from the default shape being returned to that of an error code with client side script also being modified but the server needs to x2 its work loads… Its simpler, faster, and quicker to modify the apache .htaccess files to return a default shape for missing files, etc…

    After the proposed next above a minor update may be required to provide some CGI/PHP/Svrscripts to return KPD and KPT files upon ajax or other styles of requests. Completed update 7th June to use get.cgi?r={file} and testing…

    Also using the URI of for all 404 pages. KitCAD i3 KGC has also been modified to send ‘ajax’ requests as GET protp +

  11. Admin Says:

    Updated the get.cgi file 8th May 2007
    KitCAD i3 KGC now support .kpt and .kptg Shapes Online 🙂 ..

    This makes the download time extended due to loading KPT files for every Object Item within a KPD file.
    At a later date some changes could be made to quicken the KPT file loading processes (currently using the servers catche headers to make clients keep copies of files).

  12. Admin Says:

    Added an example for converting KPD and KPR library system files to server ready format. The server ready format MUST allow changes inline with KPR file types.

    The example converter does NOT support all of Ruler.exe functions. All functions like REALWIDTH being written to REALWIDTH and copied to CWIDTH are removed when processing KPD and KPR files for server ready formats. As a work-around needed to process such files with copy function options simply use Ruler.exe to re-generate the KPD file first under a new file name, and create another KPR file to match the new KPD file name..

    Tested the new but found many bugs… will look at other methods to deploy (before making changes to KitCAD i3 KGC)

    See example converter: KitCAD225_kgc_exploit_makelibrary.htm

  13. Admin Says:

    Next update is unknown?

    Will look at the less than 300 bug of 1, 2, and 3.. etc.. If fixed will then look into performing a 3D correction, or having an attempt in any case.. line up object items to the left and down as follows with each ‘-’ being a seperate object item:


    This post will be modified after update is performed.

  14. Admin Says:

    Updated get.cgi with option for directories using &co=country&st=state&lo=location to become ./country/state/location/default.kpd

  15. Admin Says:

    Minor Security updates were applied to all CGI files for KitCADi3. The ‘-‘, ‘..’, ‘.’, and ” strings will be converted to the default account (81519201192038514161751931513-72151920).

    The get.cgi file contained major security issue of the same nature as above but with combined issue of user supplied file names (could allow hack using server permission reads of any files in other subdirectories). The get.cgi file has been fixed.