KitCAD2Xg OCX 2010

The KitCAD2X Control OCX (kp2 writer only) example has been re-released as KitCAD2Xg Control.

The only change made at this time is in code for using StrToIntDef inplace of StrToInt (Bug report).

Converting the BCB4 KitCAD Active X project into Rad Studio caused problems. As a work-around three new form interfaces were created to replace the previous version.

2 Responses to “KitCAD2Xg OCX 2010”

  1. Admin Says:

    For manual Installing, download the required OCX and then run regsvr32.exe filename.ocx

    A installer for the Active-X examples will be released at a later date (Due to security updates the current installer system will fail to run)

  2. Admin Says:

    The included KP.bpl (made with vcl14.bpl) for any KitCAD2Xg OCX 2010 release will cause errors with previous versions of KitCAD (made with vcl4.bpl). The 2010 OCX will be updated again after the next release of KitCAD that is build using vcl14.bpl