KitCAD i3 get.cgi KPD files from another server

Support for KPD from another server has been added into KitCADi3 get.cgi, no option exists to change from the defaults within KitCADi3 at this time.

As an example for using an extra 1Gb of space at MS SkyDrive the get.cgi URI could be like: …

No JSON files were uploaded at this time (thus j=0, and mine-type KPD in the URI above).

Security is enabled in KitCAD i3 get.cgi and only files from authorised hosts are permitted. The requestor IP address and host refer meta are visible in get.cgi output when using a non-default host.

More information on get.cgi in the get.cgi – SDK document/s.

5 Responses to “KitCAD i3 get.cgi KPD files from another server”

  1. Admin Says:

    For external servers the URI r= value should be altered to include a /json/ sub-directory because get.cgi does not correct path information when sending requests to external servers. The j=1 value will only alter the content-type from text/plain to application/json

  2. Admin Says:

    Fixed URI above..

  3. Admin Says:

    The google doc version test fails unless the HTML is re-coded into a plain text format of UTF-8 or the w32 default of ISO-8859-1 (as with skydrive)

  4. Admin Says:

    Modified get.cgi to re-code the google docs output. Added an extra over-ride with the switch of &ec=\s\n that can append a null char (or space) and \n to the output lines (The KGC Javascript INI phraser does not reconise \r\n or \x0a\x0d).
    Tested KPD IMPORT from Google Docs and MS Sky Drive (IE5 perl gets did not seem to be supported with Sky Drive).

  5. Admin Says:

    Added /Objects/get.cgi support for