KitCAD i3 rX 2022 Console Bugs

The above image shows errors that could be seen in chrome console (previous 2022 Chrome version). KitCAD i3 KGC rX does not execute the document.write() function.

As a work-around, use the page of

Scripting changes in the file of r2022.js are an over-ride of existing code within the _r5se.js file.

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  1. Admin Says:

    Testing changes to kgc_exploit.js and kgc_exploit.js.gz files; Now using the document.writeln() command and not the document.write() command. Added more support for gecko browsers.

  2. Admin Says:

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    KitCAD i3 KGC rX 2022 CSP new.php test results in _r5en.js and _r5se.js fail to load correctly in order; No file contents are viewable in the Preview plane until proceeding with the dialog box message.

  3. Admin Says:

    Added tests to _r5se.js and r2022.js script boot lines. If a value within a previous load isnt found then the script loading waits at that line until the value is found. This solves the loading order error 99% of the time.

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