KitCAD i3 KGC and Decimal Fractions

Past versions of KitCAD software packages have always supported simple Integer numbers (1,2,…,9,0) that are processed with Cutup.exe into Floated numbers (if required 16.5mm, 1.5mm, etc).

KitCAD i3 KGC now includes a basic option to view Decimal Fractions (and provide simple corrections). The Fraction Display unit functions can be enabled from the Options page.
Setting the Display of units to Fraction will convert sizes into Inch”Numerator/Denomator.
Setting the Display of units to Fraction2 will convert sizes into Feet’Inch”Numerator/Denomator.
The default Setting is Decimal will NOT convert sizes provided by a *.kp2 file format.

Script converting of non-Decimal Fractions may take up to 1 minute, longer, or even cause Javascript runtime errors when converting Integer numbers into Fraction or Fraction2. As a work-around:- Use the correct Decimal Fraction sizes – Do not use 500mm, Instead ALWAYS use the size of 500.38mm or 19″7/10 to remove over 50% of converter functions processing time.

No Library System has been developed for Decimal Fractions at this time (As a result the quotation reporting will only show Millimetres). A library system will be developed and deployed at a later date.

Using the Option of Fraction or Fraction2 will also cause the KitCAD i3 KGC exe TEST Setup version to fail – A message relating to JavaScript errors will be displayed during *.kp2 file loads because no Decimal Fraction library has been deployed – there are no 15″, 30″, or 35″ deep cabinets in the library system (The default demo Library System is Integer based for 300mm, and 600mm deep cabinets).

See the Decimal Fraction Scale Maths functions for JavaScript example for more information.

No notice of update to KitCAD i3 will be shown (release date of latest update will be 17th April 2010). Downloaded KitCAD i3 versions after the 22nd of April will include the updated files for Decimal Fraction support.

3 Responses to “KitCAD i3 KGC and Decimal Fractions”

  1. Admin Says:

    KitCAD i3 interface prevents users from updating sizes with decimal fractions. See Bug Report.

    EG: A number converts to INCH” and when saving becomes 1234.1234″ which is incorrect (note the ” quote symbol)

    As a work-around, remove the ” symbol from Inch sizes that do not have a fraction.

  2. Admin Says:

    A profile generation error prevented saving the default value of MM, IN, and FT for loaded drawings. The un-reported bug was in kitcadi3_pref.cgi/pl and has been corrected with the following changes:-

    #POST SECTION#############

    # 2010 fractions update
    my $pref_decimal = “decimal”; $form{$pref_decimal} = param($pref_decimal); if ( $form{$pref_decimal} eq “” ) { $form{$pref_decimal} = ‘true’; }

    #POST SECTION############

    #2010 fractions update – line 32 in .conf
    #print prefFILE “$ENV{$pref_decimal}\r\n”;
    print prefFILE “24\r\n$form{$pref_decimal}\r\n”;

  3. Admin Says:

    Function math fix for correct values. Make 600 = 23″5/8, and not 23″79/127.

    See bug/fix report for more information