KitCAD i3 file://localhost/ TEST x86

The win32 version of KitCAD i3 file://localhost/ TEST includes a upgrade option for x86-bit enabled Windows operating systems.

Updated KitCADi3ie5.exe to with release date of 21st June 2011.

Related information: pre-release notes.

See entire post for more details

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  1. Admin Says:

    How to upgrade to KitCAD i3 KGC exe TEST x86:-

    1. Download and Install the localhost TEST win32 version with release date of 21st June 2011 or later.
    2. Open a Windows Explorer window and run or navigate to:- C:\Program Files\Kitchen\KitCADi3\KitCADi3ie5.exe; Or Start|Programs|Kitchen|KitCADi3|exe|KitCAD i3
    4. On the splash screen, click the TEST example link
    5. Select the Update link
    6. Select the x86 Download link

    KitCADi3ie5.exe will no longer re-open last file with, release date of 21st June, 2011.

    See bug fix for more information

  2. Admin Says:

    See 2012 maintenance upgrades release notice for more information.

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